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Is Mark McGwire memorabilia worth anything?

Is Mark McGwire memorabilia worth anything?

Mark McGwire’s 70th HR Ball Once Sold for $3M and Is Now Valued at $250-$400K. Once one of the most valuable sports memorabilia items in the world, Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball from the 1998 season has plummeted in value over the subsequent 22 years.

Does Mark McGwire hold the home run record?

One of the most prolific home run hitters in baseball history, McGwire holds the major league career record for at bats per home run ratio (10.6), and is the former record holder for both home runs in a single season (70 in 1998) and home runs hit by a rookie (49 in 1987).

Who has hit 60 home runs in a season?

Babe Ruth
Most Home Runs in One Season? 45 or More

HR Player/Team Year
64 Sammy Sosa, Chicago (N.L.) 2001
63 Sammy Sosa, Chicago (N.L.) 1999
61 Roger Maris, New York (A.L.) 1961
60 Babe Ruth, New York (A.L.) 1927

How much was Mark McGwire’s 70th HR Ball worth?

Todd — one of the most famous comic book artists ever — famously purchased Mark’s 70th HR ball at an auction in ’98 right after the end of the ’98 season. The final gavel price was around $2.7 — but after taxes and fees, Todd says he dropped “a hair over $3 million.”

Why did Mark McGwire’s HR value plummet?

But, in the years that followed, Barry Bonds broke McGwire’s record and Mac later admitted he was on steroids that season anyway. Demand plummeted. Not good for long-term value so says our experts.

Who is selling the most famous baseballs ever?

David specializes in game-used historic baseballs selling some of the most famous HR balls ever including Barry Bonds 762 ball, A-Rod ‘s 500 and 600 HR baseballs and more. In other words, they know the market.

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