Is oreja masculine?

Is oreja masculine?

feminine noun. Con este se la jugó el alicantino y cortó una oreja. Resolvió las dificultades del toro y cortó una oreja.

What’s an Oreja?

Orejas, or panderas, are also commonly known as palmiers, a sweet treat made from puff pastry, sugar and cinnamon and are common in panaderías found throughout Mexico.

What is the plural for La Oreja?

la oreja. Femenino, Plural. las orejas. oreja orejas. oreja orejas Noun Singular Plural Femenino Masculino.

Is it El pierna or la pierna?

el the
la the her
pierna leg

What does orejo mean in Spanish?

big ear
Spanish, literally, big ear, augmentative of oreja ear, from Latin auricula external ear.

What is Orejitas English?

Orejitas are also known as palmiers. They are called orejitas (“little ears”) in Mexico because they resemble the shape of elephant ears. They are flaky with a crispy coating of sugar and a very common type of pan dulce sold in Mexican panaderias.

What is la pierna plural?

plural of pierna. piernas [f/pl]

Is Hora feminine or masculine in Spanish?

The following are important details to remember when telling time is Spanish: 1. The feminine definite article la is always used before the hour because la refers to la hora/ the hour. NOTE that when the masculine article el is used, it is referring to a number and not the time.

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