Is the movie come to the stable a true story?

Is the movie come to the stable a true story?

Come to the Stable is a 1949 American comedy drama film which tells the true story of the Abbey of Regina Laudis and the two French religious sisters who come to a small New England town and involve the townsfolk in helping them to build a children’s hospital.

What is the movie come to the stable about?

In this heartwarming 1949 film, Sister Margaret (Loretta Young) and Sister Scholastica (Celeste Holm) arrive unannounced and determined to build a children’s hospital in the small New England town of Bethlehem. They seek to fulfill a promise they made to God when he saved a similar infirmary in war-torn Normandy. To build it, the sisters recruit various townspeople, negotiate with a bookie (Thomas Gomez) for the land and contend with a songwriter (Hugh Marlowe) who’s set against the project.
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Who wrote Come to the Stable?

Oscar Millard
Clare Boothe LuceSally Benson
Come to the Stable/Screenplay

Where does the movie come to the stable take place?

Two nuns arrive unannounced in the small New England town of Bethlehem, where they recruit various townspeople to help them build a children’s hospital. Here are the movies we’re most excited for in 2021. Whether you watch weekly or want to join in for the big finish, get ready for these big Spring TV and streaming finales.

Who are the actors in come to the stable?

Laughs To Make Your Heart Ring Out With Joy ! Did You Know? “Lux Radio Theater” broadcast a 60-minute radio adaptation of the movie on April 3, 1950 with Loretta Young and Hugh Marlowe reprising their film roles. See more »

Who is the author of come to the stable?

The movie was based on a script written by Clare Boothe Luce, and the screenplay was written by Sally Benson, Clare Boothe Luce and Oscar Millard. It was directed by Henry Koster .

Who is Bob Masen in come to the stable?

After composer Bob Masen ( Hugh Marlowe ), who is Miss Potts’s neighbor and landlord, tells the sisters that the hill is owned by Luigi Rossi of New York, the sisters go to see the bishop in a nearby city. He is unable to help them with their project, but does give them a small amount of money to tide them over.

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