Is there a tropical rainforest in China?

Is there a tropical rainforest in China?

China has two major regions of natural tropical forest: Hainan Island and Xishuangbanna in the Yunnan Province. The Hainan Province is home to China’s only tropical rainforest, which contains 25 percent of China’s mammal diversity and 33 percent of the country’s bird diversity.

Does Guatemala have tropical rainforests?

Guatemala has thriving rainforests that have escaped deforestation. These are rare environments and are must-sees on your trip to Guatemala. They have some of the rarest species of animals in the world, and contain the ruins of the once-great Maya civilization.

Is the Amazon rainforest in Asia?

Where is the Amazon rainforest? The Amazon rainforest is located in South America.

Does Australia have a rainforest?

Australia has many types of rainforest, varying with rainfall and latitude. Tropical and subtropical rainforests are found in northern and eastern Australia in wet coastal areas. A total of 0.9 million hectares (26 per cent) of the Rainforest forest type is on private land.

Do pandas live in the rainforest?

The short answer The giant panda does live in the rainforest. A very special kind in China called the bamboo rainforests. Although it is a forest, bamboo is not actually a species of tree, in fact it is the world’s largest species of grass.

What is the biggest rainforest in China?

Rainforest of Xishuangbanna
The Rainforest of Xishuangbanna in the Yunnan Province of China is one of the largest forests in Asia at 19,223 km2 (7,422 sq mi)….

Rainforest of Xishuangbanna
Location Yunnan Province, China
Coordinates 22.02710°N 100.8754°ECoordinates:22.02710°N 100.8754°E
Area 19,223 km2 (7,422 sq mi)

What kind of rainforest is the Xishuangbanna rainforest?

The tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna can be divided into two vegetation subtypes pertaining to tropical rainforest vegetation, the tropical seasonal rainforest and the tropical montane rainforest. This Yunnan location article is a stub.

Where is Xishuangbanna primitive forest park in China?

Xishuangbanna primitive forest park provides a unique primeval forest natural scenery and charming ethnic customs.

Where are the tropical rain forests in China?

Lowland tropical forests once covered a large fraction of tropical southern China, but currently have an extent of ca 633,800 ha, mostly in Xishuangbanna of southern Yunnan. The Xishuangbanna region has a typical monsoon climate with a mean annual temperature ranging between 15.1°C and 21.7°C, and precipitation between 1200 and 2500 mm.

When is the best time to visit Xishuangbanna Forest Park?

The west side of Jinghong is long-distance bus terminal, there is shuttle bus to reach the forest park for tourists.The fare is 3 Yuan. October to June in the following year is the best time to go. Spring, autumn and winter is appropriate, because here is “a warm land without winter”.

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