Plight of Digital Music Services

Plight of Digital Music Services

Plight of Digital Music Services

Even though the access to digital music services is easier than offline access, very few online stores are successful in winning the hearts of loyal customers. The success rate of the most of the digital music service providers is less than average while very few are emerging and standing in the business.

Brands such as Spotify and Rdio are able to establish as reputed brands in the promotion of music services through their subscription based services. On the other hand iMeen powered by Nokia and another brand MySpace are ending up as failures due to lack of support from customers.

Ability to Play Different Ball Game

Businesses should understand the value proposition in the digital music service arena. The role played by the top performing digital music service companies will be part of the deciding factor of success of the new and other music service providers.

Companies offering digital music services should think beyond traditional ways of promotion of music. Online channels offer versatile ways to present music to customers.

The ability to attract and retain customers with innovative promotional aspects will take the digital music business a long way. To achieve this, businesses should think out of the box and should be able to offer a broad range of services through attractive ways.

Customer Friendly Digital Music Services

The new services should be customer friendly. Instead of following selling procedures which are followed while selling through physical shops, online music service providers should detach their mindset to offer novel services that will give more convenience, comfort and affordability to customers.

Even startups can fare better by coming with unique concepts instead of following few major labels that are doing well in the digital music service market. The new strategy should be completely free from physical shops sales strategy. The cause for the failure of the majority of new entrants in the world of digital music services is due to mere imitation of offline marketing methodologies which ultimately ends up in poor selection of services.

Online music service providers will thrive if they are able to manage and offer a wide range of variety to digital customers. Customers should be presented with plenty of labels to choose from which helps them make wise choice.

In this way customers will be able to get value for money services for their subscriptions from digital music services companies. It is not only leading labels but also to independent labels the online customers should be exposed.

Reason to Succeed

The reason behind enormous growth and success of iTunes and Spotify is due to their innovative social reach and utilization of timely opportunities to attract and consolidate ever growing customer base. Digital music services have the opportunity to showcase the best of indie talent.

True music lovers enjoy the depth in music not the mere labels on it. The new digital music service providers have great responsibility in shaping the entire music ecosystem with their sensible approach in recognizing the blooming indie talent.

They should not be mere pawns in the hands of major labels that dictate the terms of the music industry. Digital music services will flourish if they are able to recognize the key interests of music lovers and ability to offer customers’ wide choice and through innovative ways.

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