The Real Cost Of eReaders: 6 Things We’re Losing To eBooks

The Real Cost Of eReaders: 6 Things We’re Losing To eBooks

The Real Cost Of eReaders: 6 Things We’re Losing To eBooks

More than 143 Kindle eBooks are purchased for every 100 print books sold and, with the rising popularity of eReaders, those eBook numbers are only set to increase. Yet, what is being lost as eBooks become more popular? Check out these examples of what is suffering as eBook sales rise, including local bookstores and environmental health.

Environmental Health

eBook advocates say they are saving trees by no longer purchasing printed books.  Yet, according to a recent study by Sierra Club, eReaders are only the environmentally friendly choice if you are reading more than 40 books each year.

Book Quality

With the ease of online self-publishing has come a wave of low quality books riddled with misspellings and lack luster plots. Traditionalists fear that this is leading to an overall lowering of quality in the book industry and an increasing notion that anyone can become an author, even if they can’t construct a simple sentence.

Book Lending

Lending a must-read novel to others is rewarding and is a great way to minimize the costs you and your friends spend on books. Unfortunately, eBook sellers want to maintain their profits and, as such, are doing what they can to prevent readers from sending the eBooks they have purchased to friends.

If you’re accustomed to swapping print books with friends and family, prepare for a drastic change when buying an eReader.

Used Books

Most new books are expensive. Traditionally, this has left frugal readers or those on a budget browsing for used print books.

In the world of online reading though, used books simply don’t exist. Sure, eBooks may typically be lower in cost than their print counterparts but the costs can still add up quickly.

Browsing Experiences

While an online shopping website offers convenience, there’s something nostalgic about browsing for books in a library or used bookstore. Many who grew up with print books understand the romance of reading a book’s inside cover and of that unmistakable blend of ink and paper that greets one’s nose while paging through a novel.

As eBook sales continue to beat down the traditional book industry, today’s younger generations are in danger of never enjoying those print book browsing experiences.

Historical Artifacts

Today’s museums are filled with artifacts of ancient societies. Those artifacts offer clues into how ancient civilizations lived and the beliefs they held.

If eBooks someday completely replace paper books, how will future civilizations access them, to touch them with their hands? Technology is sure to evolve drastically in the generations ahead and eBooks that are readable today will likely be lost into cyber nothingness.

The technological times are changing, but one benefit of eBooks remains despite the threats they pose to traditional books. In an increasingly wired world filled with fears that technology is dumbing down society, at least people are still reading.

Amanda Brown is a Tech writer who also enjoys playing and coaching volleyball.

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