Use these Gadgets to Cheat on your Girl Friend

Use these Gadgets to Cheat on your Girl Friend

Use these Gadgets to Cheat on your Girl Friend

For a moment, forget this being a tech blog and rewind to those times when you have been caught cheating by your girl-friend. Sheepishly I say, cheating is a lot of fun. It lets you experiment and in case you fail, you would still be going back to your girl.

Let’s see how technology comes in as a help to aid you in ‘Cheating Your GirlFriend’. Wink, wink. To initiate, at present, your location is globally fixed and this is one of the easiest ways that people get caught. There are people who use smart phones which have in-built GPS (Global Positioning System) with them.

However, with the phone settings you can manually change the latitude and longitude of the location. Trusting a GPS in a smart phone does not help you every time. Remember, get this done immediately. Let’s take a look at some of the gadgets which will help you to cheat on your girlfriend –


A girl will never forget to take her handbag while she is out to meet someone. A small transponder can be hidden in your girl friend’s handbag to track her whereabouts. Some gadgets will have a location finder along with an SMS service and will text you the exact co-ordinates of your loved one.

Google Voice App

Google Voice allows you to make cheap international calls from your smart phone. However, it gives you a different number to use. So, next time if you like to take someone out try giving them your Google number instead of your real phone number. This app is available for free in the Android market but is limited only to US citizens.

Message Cleaner Apps

Delete all the messages sent by a person with the Stranger SMS Cleaner. List all the messages from a particular sender and delete them in a single click using this app. However, you can be more specific with the SMS Cleaner App that can select and delete messages with a specific word.

Video Camera Pen

In case you want to get a video of what’s going on in your girl friend’s place, get this Video Camera Pen. A ball point pen which can do a secret recording of up to 2.5 hrs can be done with this pen.

With 4GB memory space, this is a great option to record conversations, lectures and unlimited activities. You don’t need any software to download this video. Also, you can charge them with an AC adapter or USB charger.

Voice Changer

Play a phone prank with a compact Voice Changer. There are all sorts of voice changers available either for your home phone or mobile phone. These gadgets were initially used to avoid calls from strangers and play pranks with friends, now a days, this gadget is used for spying purposes.


Pubs and clubs are great places to have fun and look for potential partners. However, you can’t pick calls when you are in a club or in the restroom of the club. A gadget called Gooseneck Microphone will help you in these cases.

This gadget will cancel all the background noises and just transmit only your voice. This is a great gadget to cheat on your girl friend. By sharing other interesting gadgets (which you know), you would help some more of the populace in cheating their girl-friends. For once, let’s get technologically naughty! 😉 -:)

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