Useful Digital Camera PDAs You Should Consider

Useful Digital Camera PDAs You Should Consider

Useful Digital Camera PDAs You Should Consider

With the extreme chaos of constant advancements in technology and new products hitting the market almost every other second, organization has become a key element for success. Personal digital assistants have become necessary for everyone who wants to simplify their life.

The variations on this form of gadget can range from the most basic day planners, digital organizers to the latest ranges of Tablet PCs and Palmtops. The latest trend in the product line of PDAs is the digital camera PDAs, which are just a variation of the product with one additional feature – the digital camera.

Characteristics for Selection

A digital camera PDA is more consolidated to be an organizational tool with an advanced feature addition of a digital camera. This does not mean that they are conformed for photography enthusiast.

If anything, the resolution of the digital camera attached to the PDAs is quite insignificant. The highest resolution currently on such a product range has gone up to just 2 MP.

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It is however, important that you do not fall prey to marketing gimmicks. Buy the technology that best suits you, rather than the up-sell with features that remain unused forever.

Some general features you must have on your Digital Camera PDA

  • Massive storage space – whether on the device or with flash drives.
  • Wireless connectivity – Bluetooth or any generic Wi-Fi.
  • Web browsing features – This one is so you can instantly connect to the internet for upgrades and downloadable features.
  • Advanced Software – the operating system should be the latest to hit the market. This is the best way to ensure you have the smoothest functionality that technology can offer at the time of your purchase.

Let’s see some of the latest brand ranges!

HP HW6515 iPAQ

Hewlett Packard is leading the market with their varied range of products in this line. The HW6515 iPAQ is on the higher scale of resolution (comparatively) with a 1.3 MP.

The product specifications include a 312 MHz Intel CPU, clear screen display of 320×240 TFT and 128 Device memories. The PDA has Bluetooth connectivity and is GPRS, GSM and EDGE enabled.

The operating system is the latest Windows Mobile OS 2003. The product is priced at a steep $700 but the power packed features balance the price admirably.

Lifeview Flycam

Another way to go is to buy a PDA compatible camera to fit with your present PDA turning it into a digital camera PDA at a lower price range. The Lifeview Flycam is a 1.3 MP marvel to help you with this particular issue.

The camera fits in to a PDA with the CF card that it comes with. Simply attach it to the CF slot in your PDA or even your Tablet pc to turn it into a camera device. Priced at a $130, the product is a definite bargain for just an extendable feature.

HP Jornada

HP Jornada is probably the lowest priced product in the market for a PDA attachable camera. The resolution is quite low at 0.3 MP and priced at $60.

The selection of the product will completely depend on your needs for the moment. However, with the upgradable limitations of a digital camera PDA, it makes more sense to retrofit your PDA with the latest PDA camera with the objective of just exchanging this particular feature with the latest upgrade to hit the market.

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