Was ChaCha a real person?

Was ChaCha a real person?

ChaCha was a human-guided search engine. ChaCha was founded in 2006 by Scott A. Jones and Brad Bostic. Its name comes from the Mandarin Chinese word cha, which means “to search.”

Can you still text ChaCha?

There are two ways you can receive answers from ChaCha. You can text a question to 242242 (spells out ChaCha) or you can call 1-800-2ChaCha (800-224-2242). Both ways will get you the answer to your question in minutes, sometimes seconds!

Who is called ChaCha answer?

We look at the stories of why we celebrate Children’s Day and why we call him Chacha Nehru. New Delhi: It’s the 128th birth anniversary of country’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

What are ChaCha questions?

Human-powered search site ChaCha is launching a new service that allows you to ask questions and get the answers all over text message. Basically, you can text any question to “242242” (which spells “chacha” on a phone) and a “live search expert” will respond.

Does Chacha still exist 2020?

On December 12, 2016, ChaCha shut down operations due to declining advertising revenue, which left it unable to service its debt.

What is chacha called in English?

Your uncle is the brother of your mother or father, or the husband of your aunt.

Does ChaCha still exist 2020?

What is ChaCha called in English?

Who is known as Chacha a world famous personality?

Famous Personality of India with Nicknames

Nickname Personality
Chacha Jawaharlal Nehru
Deenabandhu C F Andrews
Desabandhu C R Das
Desh Ratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Why is Bal Diwas celebrated?

Children’s Day 2020: Each year we celebrate ‘Bal Diwas’ on November 14 to raise awareness about the rights of children and to provide adequate education and care for all. Children are the foundation upon which the future of the human race stands.

What does ChaCha mean in Spanish?

chacha. 1 (criada) maid; housemaid. 2 (niñera) nanny; nursemaid.

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