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Was Diana Ross poor growing up?

Was Diana Ross poor growing up?

She was the second of six children of Fred and Ernestine Ross, who lived in Brewster-Douglass, one of Detroit’s low income housing districts. Because of her tight-knit family Ross grew up virtually unaware of the harsh life that surrounded her.

Why did Diana Ross quit singing?

With the release of their breakthrough hit ‘Where Did My Love Go’ in 1964, the band gained swift momentum, thereby securing a place among the top artists of the ’60s music scene. Eventually, this was what culminated in Ross leaving the band in 1970 to pursue her solo career and the group ultimately disbanding in 1977.

How did Diana Ross impact society?

Through her role as the lead voice of America’s top singing group, a solo music career that resulted in a number of signature hits, and a film and Broadway career that proved she was a multidimensional talent, Ross became a beacon of hope and possibility not just for young African-American women, but for any woman …

What kind of eating disorder DID Diana Ross have?

Diana Ross wrote an autobiography titled ‘Secrets of a Sparrow’. In this book, she reveals that she suffered from anorexia nervosa. She has blamed suffering from this eating disorder on the pressure she and The Supremes were put under by Motown and Berry Gordy in the late 1960s. This is a condition from which Ross no longer suffers.

Where did Diana Ross Live as a child?

Diana Ross was born in Detroit, Michigan to Fred Ross, Sr., a U.S. Army soldier and mother Ernestine, who was a school teacher. She lived with her family in at Belmont Road, Detroit and later in 1958 she, along with her family, moved to St. Antoine Street and lived at the Brewster-Douglass housing projects.

What kind of success did Diana Ross have?

Golden Globe winning actress, Diana Ross has enjoyed success as a musician both in the United States and the United Kingdom. With an aggregate sale of over 100 million records across the globe, Ross has earned a respectable and admirable position in the music industry.

What kind of painkillers did Diana Ross use?

The issues centered around Diana Ross’ drinking, although reports suggested that she may have been abusing prescription painkillers as well. Ross, who liked to put cognac in her coffee before she walked on stage, also enjoyed poorly fleece wine after her shows.

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