Was Pearl Harbor an aerial attack?

Was Pearl Harbor an aerial attack?

Pearl Harbor was was the site of the unprovoked aerial attack on the United States by Japan on December 7, 1941. Before the attack, many Americans were reluctant to become involved in the war in Europe.

What types of planes were destroyed at Pearl Harbor?

Of some 140 planes on the ground there, mainly P-40 and P-36 pursuits, nearly two-thirds were destroyed or put out of action. A similar proportion of the B-17, B-18 and A-20 bombers at Hickam Army Airfield, adjacent to the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard, was also wrecked or damaged enough to keep them grounded.

What bases were attacked during Pearl Harbor?

Even more significantly, no American aircraft carriers were at Pearl Harbor that day. The Japanese, however, immediately followed their Pearl Harbor assault with attacks against US and British bases in the Philippines, Guam, Midway Island, Wake Island, Malaya, and Hong Kong.

How many Japanese planes shot down at Pearl Harbor?

Japan’s fleet of 67 ships was located about 200 miles north of Oahu. They launched dive bombers, torpedo bombers and fighter planes. There were 353 Japanese aircraft involved in the attack, 29 of which were shot down. Only one Japanese ship that participated survived to the end of the war.

Where did the attack on Pearl Harbor take place?

The first wave attacked airfields and anti-air defenses on the west side of the island, while the second wave, almost an hour later, concentrated on the eastern side. Both waves met over Pearl Harbor. In the harbor, anchored ships made perfect targets for the Japanese bombers.

How did the second wave of bombing affect Pearl Harbor?

Overall, the Val attacks of the second wave did far less ship damage than the Kates of the first wave. This left the Kates free to attack the airfields. Dropping bombs from high altitudes would not give high accuracy, but Kates could carry much heavier bomb loads than Vals.

How many planes were in the first wave at Pearl Harbor?

Six carriers turned into the wind and launched the first wave — 183 planes. At the launching, two Zero fighters dropped from the mission: One crashed into the sea on takeoff, another developed engine trouble and was left on board the carrier. At 6:20 Commander Fuchida led the first wave of planes toward Pearl Harbor.

What kind of bombs did the Japanese use in Pearl Harbor?

With all of the smoke in the harbor, the Japanese needed the pin-point accuracy of dive bombing to attack the remaining ships. To attack ships, the Vals used a penetrating bomb, the Type 99 “ordinary” bomb. Here, “ordinary” means that the bomb was designed for the role that carrier dive bombers were created to carry out—destroying ships.

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