What 1976 quarters are silver?

What 1976 quarters are silver?

And this 1776-1976 Bicentennial quarter isn’t just any quarter… it’s a Proof from San Francisco created especially for collectors. Instead of the usual copper-nickel clad, this quarter was minted in 40% silver. Plus, it has the lowest mintage of all 1976 Washington quarter issues.

How much are the bicentennial coins worth?

The Value Of Bicentennial Coins Typical uncirculated copper-nickel Bicentennial quarters are usually worth less than 50 cents. Type II uncirculated Bicentennial dollars are worth around $2 to $3. Type I uncirculated Bicentennial dollars tend to bring in 25 cents to $1 more than their Type II counterparts.

Are all 1976 quarters silver?

You can tell the difference because of the dual date “1776–1976” as well as the drummer pictured on the back side (reverse) of the coin. Not all bicentennial quarters are silver, though. Each of these 1976-S quarters are made from 40% silver for a total of 0.0739 troy oz (roughly 2.3 grams) of pure silver content.

Are bicentennial coins worth collecting?

Bicentennial Quarter Values and Prices Since circulated examples can be readily found in circulation, they are worth no more than face value. However, uncirculated coins and special edition coins made for collectors, are worth slightly more.

How much is a 1976 Bicentennial quarter worth?

Here’s the story behind the 1976 quarter, what these old quarters are worth, and whether or not you should save every 1776 to 1976 quarter that you find 1976 Bicentennial Quarter Value Most circulated copper-nickel 1976 quarters are worth face value. Proof and silver 1976 quarters are worth about $1 to $3 – sometimes even more.

What is the value of a 1776 1976 silver dollar?

While 4,000,000 proof versions of the 1776-1976 S silver dollar were produced. In general, when silver content is worth around $20 per ounce, uncirculated 40 percent silver bicentennial dollars cost around $14 and proofs carry a $20 price tag.

What is the value of a centennial quarter?

Circulated proofs are worth 40 to 50 cents , and 40% silver Bicentennial quarters have a value of about $1.50 or more.

What is the value of a 1976 US cent?

1976 Lincoln Memorial cents that are graded MS-66 are worth $18 and examples that are grade MS-67 are valued at $100 . If your coin is not in Uncirculated or higher grade condition, it might still be worthwhile to hold onto. With copper prices rising, the metal value of the 1976 Lincoln Memorial cent will continue to rise as well.

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