What age is Jo Joyner?

What age is Jo Joyner?

44 years (May 24, 1977)
Jo Joyner/Age

How old is Tanya from EastEnders?

Joanne Mary Joyner (born 24 May 1977) is an English actress. She is known for her roles as Tanya Branning in the BBC soap opera EastEnders and Mandy Carter in Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge….Television.

Year 2006–2013, 2015, 2017–2018
Title EastEnders
Role Tanya Branning
Notes Series regular: 679 episodes

Who is Jo Joyner husband?

Neil Maddenm. 2007
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Why has Jo Joyner left Ackley Bridge?

Speaking to the Sunday Mail, Joyner explained she no longer wanted to do Ackley Bridge so she could spend more time with her family. In 2018, it was said that Joyner lived somewhere in Warwickshire which is more than a two-and-a-half hour journey by car to Yorkshire where the series is filmed.

Is Jo Joyner married?

Jo Joyner/Spouse

Do Tanya and Max get back together?

Max then reconciles with Tanya and they become a couple again. She learns that she has been given the all-clear from cancer but is worried that it might return.

Is Jo Joyner coming back to Ackley Bridge?

Jo Joyner has opened up about her decision to leave Ackley Bridge. The former EastEnders actress has been on the show for four seasons and is set to leave midway through the current season. Her character, headteacher Mandy, has been in the show since the beginning playing an integral role in merging the two schools.

Does Jo Joyner have twins?

Married to drama teacher Neil Madden, Jo is now a mother-of-two to twins Freddie and Edie who were conceived through IVF treatment.

Why did Max and Tanya break up?

Tanya allows Rainie and Cora to move in. Tanya and Max plan to reveal their affair but Tanya finds out that she may have cervical cancer. After discovering this, she breaks up with Max, but he decides to tell the truth to his fiancé, Vanessa Gold (Zöe Lucker) who reveals all to Greg.

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