What are some character traits for Daniel in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

What are some character traits for Daniel in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

He does great impressions. He loves to make the family laugh. He maintains his sense of humor even when he’s angry, like the time Byron came home with a conk; instead of yelling or losing his temper, he just cheerfully shaves Byron’s head. He talks to Kenny like he’s a grown-up.

What is Kenny physical appearance?

Physically he is distinguished by a “lazy eye” that often makes him the target of bullies, including Byron, the “official juvenile delinquent” of the family. In kinder moments, Byron shows Kenny how to look at someone sideways so his lazy eye is not noticeable.

How can grandma sands be described?

Grandma Sands is Momma’s momma. I thought Grandma Sands would be bigger than Dad, I thought she’d be foaming at the mouth like she had rabies” (11.60). Instead, she’s tiny old lady who demands hugs and kisses from everyone and cries because she’s so happy to have her family visit.

Who stole Kenny’s gloves?

Kenny tells Byron that Larry stole his gloves, and Byron takes Kenny to find Larry.

What are character traits of Buphead?

Curtis portrays Buphead as a rude, loyal and strong young man. Second, Buphead is portrayed as loyal when Byron and him are talking in the bedroom. He asks Byron ” Do you have to go By?” and also saying ” I cant believe they are making you stay in hot ol’ Alabama all summer long.”

Whats Grandma Sands name?

Wilona Sands Watson – Usually referred to as “Momma”, she is the wife of Daniel and the mother of the three children. A native of Birmingham, she slips into a thick Southern accent when mad or excited, and complains about Flint’s harsh winters.

What does Grandma Sands really look like?

What does Grandma Sands look like? She is tall and thin. She has dark hair and a double chin. Kenny thinks Byron will run away from Grandma Sands.

What did Rufus do that impressed Kenny?

What does rufus do to make friends with Kenny? How does he impress him? He eats lunch with Kenny and impresses Kenny by talking about how he shot a gun to kill squirrels.

What reason would Larry have to steal Kenny’s gloves?

He wanted to give his gloves to Rufus. Other than to be a bully, what reason would Larry have to steal Kenny’s gloves? own gloves to keep him warm.

What are Kenny Watson’s characteristics?

Daniel “Dad” Watson. As the father of the Watson family, Daniel is known for his sense of humor. Not to be dismissed, his humor is a source of strength for the family that follows the tradition of how “humor has enabled African Americans to engage in a clever form of resistance, ridicule their oppressors, and convey their perspectives and opinions on on social realities, particularly racial matters, in less threatening ways” (McNair, 2008 , p. 201).

What are the character traits of Byron Watson?

“I can’t be related to them ugly old squares” says Byron while carelessly making fun of his own family and making himself feel good. Byron Watson’s Character Traits. Disobedient. Byron getting his lips stuck to the Brown Bomber.

How to identify the main characters in the Watsons?

Identify the major characters in The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 and type their names into the different title boxes. Choose a Storyboard That character to represent each of the book characters. Select colors and a pose appropriate to story and character traits. Choose a scene or background that makes sense for the character.

How are the characters portrayed in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

In this activity, students will depict the characters of the story, paying close attention to the physical characteristics and character traits of both major and minor characters. Students will also provide detailed information about the characters’ actions and how they influence other characters.

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