What are some examples of oceanography?

What are some examples of oceanography?

An example of oceanography is the study of how waves form. The exploration and scientific study of the ocean and its phenomena. The study of the environment in the oceans, including the waters, depths, beds, animals, plants, etc.

What was the first study of oceanography?

Modern oceanography became a field of science approximately two hundred years ago, when scientists started studying ocean life, currents, and the seafloor off of coasts. The first scientific expedition to study the oceans and seafloor was the Challenger Expedition, from 1872 to 1876, aboard the British HMS Challenger.

Who were the earliest oceanographers?

Many marine scientists consider Maury’s book the first text- book of what we now call oceanography and consider Maury the first true oceanographer. Again, national and commercial in- terests were the driving forces behind the study of the oceans. Figure 1.10 The Franklin-Folger map of the Gulf Stream, 1769.

Who were the earliest ocean explorers?

Notable explorations were undertaken by the Greeks, the Romans, the Polynesians, the Phoenicians, Phytheas, Herodotus, the Vikings, the Portuguese and Muslims. Scientific investigations began with early scientists such as James Cook, Charles Darwin, and Edmund Halley.

What are the 4 main stages in the history of oceanography?

The history of oceanography can be divided into four stages:

  • Ancient Uses and Explorations (5000 B.C. – 800 A.D.)
  • The Middle Ages (800 – 1400)
  • European Voyages of Discovery (1400 – 1700)
  • The Birth of Marine Science (1700 – 1900)

Who is the founder of oceanography?

Matthew Fontaine Maury, U.S. naval officer, pioneer hydrographer, and one of the founders of oceanography. Maury entered the navy in 1825 as a midshipman, circumnavigated the globe (1826–30), and in 1836…

When did people start exploring the sea?

Ocean exploration begins around 5000 B.C. with the first ocean diving and the first sailing vessels. Many advances are made in the following years including the first diving bells and coastal maps.

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