What are the differences and similarities between living the urban and rural areas?

What are the differences and similarities between living the urban and rural areas?

☆ The life in urban areas is fast and complicated, whereas rural life is simple and relaxed. ☆ The Urban settlement includes cities and towns. On the other hand, the rural settlement includes villages and hamlets. ☆ There is greater isolation from nature in urban areas, due to the existence of the built environment.

What is the difference between rural and urban poverty?

Rural poverty often stems from limited access to markets, education, quality infrastructure, employment opportunities, health, and financial products. Urban poverty is often marred by weak or hazardous living conditions related to sanitation, employment, and personal security.

What are the major features of rural and urban poor?

Rural and urban poverty may have some common characteristics — adequate employment, food, health care and education are issues that are common concerns. So are access to information and lack of voice and representation in the settlements in which they live.

Which is worse urban or rural poverty?

3 Extensive evidence shows that poverty is more prevalent in rural compared to urban areas. 1 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2016 official poverty rate in rural areas was almost 16 percent compared to just over 12 percent in urban areas.

What are the similarities between urban and rural?

10 Similarities between Rural Society and Urban Society . 1)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have an education system. 2)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have jobless and poor people. 3)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have cheaters. 4)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have rich people. 5)Both the Rural and Urban Societies have tough jobs.

What are rural and urban communities?

What is the Difference Between Urban and Rural Communities? Urban communities reap the rewards of advancements and technical gadgets whereas rural communities are closer to nature and reap health benefits Rural communities are sparsely populated while urban communities are densely populated There is much pollution in urban communities while there is much less in rural communities

Is city urban or rural?

It may seem obvious that central cities are clearly urban, whereas most farms are clearly rural. But there is more and more development in places sometimes referred to as “exurbia” and in fringe areas located within or adjacent to smaller cities, where the urban/rural classification is much less obvious.

What is an example of a rural area?

Rural means relating to farming or country life. An example of rural is a land of farms.

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