What are the weirdest phobias?

What are the weirdest phobias?

Here is a list of 21 weird phobias you may have never heard of:

  • Chaetophobia (Fear of hair)
  • Vestiphobia (Fear of clothing)
  • Ergophobia (Fear of work)
  • Decidophobia (Fear of making decisions)
  • Eisoptrophobia (Fear of mirrors)
  • Deipnophobia (Fear of dining with others)
  • Phobophobia (Fear of phobias)

Why do I feel uncomfortable when I touch my belly button?

“The internal lining of the abdominal cavity at your umbilicus (belly button) is called your parietal peritoneum. This structure is exquisitely sensitive and its sensory nerve fibers relay input back to the spinal cord at the same level as the nerves that relay sensation from your bladder and urethra.”

Why dont you touch your belly button?

Omphalophobia is a type of specific phobia. Specific phobias, also called simple phobias, are extreme, persistent fears that focus on a particular thing. In this case, the focus is on the human navel, or belly button. The phobia might involve touching or seeing your own belly button, other people’s, or both.

What is the fear of belly buttons?

Omphalophobia is the irrational fear of belly buttons. Someone experiencing this disorder may endure very intense bouts of anxiety when merely thinking of belly buttons. They may in fact realize that their fear is very irrational, but when they are in the presence of a belly button, they are typically unable to realize this.

Is there a name for a belly button phobia?

THE FEAR OF BELLY BUTTONS IS CALLED OMPHALOPHOBIA. Some people feel anxious, afraid, or disgusted when their belly button is touched or when someone else’s bare midriff is on display. This is called omphalophobia, which stems from the Greek word omphalo for navel.

How is Koumpounophobia or the fear of buttons is treated?

Button phobia, also known as koumpounophobia, refers to the fear of buttons, which is surprisingly very common. Since button phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder, it is treated by psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

What phobia is the fear of buttons?

“Button phobia,” as the name indicates, is a fear of buttons, and is classified as an irrational phobia. It is also known as koumpounophobia, a fear closely related to the fear of circular or void objects. Apparently, koumpounophobia affects 1 in 75,000 people.

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