What causes the tides in the ocean?

What causes the tides in the ocean?

In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton explained that ocean tides result from the gravitational attraction of the sun and moon on the oceans of the earth (Sumich, J.L., 1996). Based on its mass, the sun’s gravitational attraction to the Earth is more than 177 times greater than that of the moon to the Earth.

What affects tides the most?

The moon, however, influences tides the most. The moon’s gravitational pull on the earth is strong enough to tug the oceans into bulge. If no other forces were at play, shores would experience one high tide a day as the earth rotated on its axis and coasts ran into the oceans’ bulge facing the moon.

Does the moon cause tides?

While the moon and sun cause tides on our planet, the gravitational pull of these celestial bodies does not dictate when high or low tides occur. Tides originate in the ocean and progress toward the coastlines, where they appear as the regular rise and fall of the sea surface.

What are the two main factors that cause tides?

The moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth and the Earth’s rotational force are the two main factors that cause high and low tides.

What causes high tide and low tide?

High and low tides are mostly caused by the pull of gravity coming from the moon, in addition to the gravitational pull shared between the Earth and the moon as they swing around each other in orbit! The sun’s pull of gravity also effects the tides a little bit, but only about half as much as the moon.

How does the moon affect the tides?

But our moon exerts its own gravitational force that affects some of our life on Earth. The tides are the result of the moon exerting its gravitational force on the ocean and bulging it both toward and away from the moon. The tide is higher, the ocean is higher, at the location closest to the moon and on the opposite side of the Earth.

What causes tides on the Earth?

Tides are generated by the combination of motion and gravity among the moon, sun and Earth. The two main forces that cause the ocean tides are gravitational force and centripetal force.

What causes tidal waves?

Tidal waves are formed by the gravitational forces of the earth, sun, and moon. The gravitational forces of the sun and (to a greater extent) the moon pull on the oceans causing the oceans to swell on either side of the earth (the side closest to the moon and the side farthest from the moon).

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