What country code is 0015?

What country code is 0015?

International Dialling Codes

Country Country Code International Prefix
Australia +61 0011(Voice) 0015(fax)
Australian External Territories +672 00
Austria +43 00
Azerbaijan +994 00

What does +1 mean in front of a phone number?

+1 is what you add before the 10 digit number in order to call an American number if you’re calling from outside of the country. so if someone calls you from a US number, and you save that number to your phone, by default it will have +1 before it.

What is Canada’s country code for international calls?

Dial 1, the Canadian country code. Dial 613, Ottawa area code. Dial 222-3333, the landline number.

What does +27 mean in phone number?

Telephone numbers in South Africa

Country calling code +27
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

How do I make an international call from a landline in Canada?

Dial the international access code.

  1. 011 if calling from a US or Canadian landline or mobile phone; if dialing from a mobile phone, you can enter a + instead of the 011 (press and hold the 0 key)
  2. 00 if calling from a number in any European country; if dialing from a mobile phone, you can enter a + instead of the 00.

Is area code 604 an international call?

1 is the international code used to dial to Canada. The area codes used are: 604/778.

Where does the country code 0015 come from?

‘0015’ is a special international access prefix used in Australia to route international calls on the Telstra network with settings optimised for fax transmission. If ’00’ is the international access prefix, then country code +1 is North America and 5 is the first digit of the three-digit area code.

Is the phone number 0015 a fake number?

0015, Phone Number, UK. 0015 is a fake telephone number.

Where do I find the country code for Australia?

Telephone Country Codes. A comprehensive list of telephone country codes for international direct dialling (IDD). Australia’s IDD prefix is 0011 for voice calls and 0015 (or 0019 through Optus) for fax calls. The IDD prefix is required to be dialled prior to the country code.

Where can I find the international dialling codes?

International Dialling Codes Country Country Code National Prefix Afghanistan +93 0 Albania +355 0 Algeria +213 7 American Samoa +684

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