What did Karana want in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

What did Karana want in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

When her little brother Ramo gets left all alone on the island, Karana throws herself off the side of the ship to stay with her brother on the island. This tells us a lot about Karana as a character: first, of course, that she’s selfless. Karana is willing to sacrifice her own safety to be with her brother.

What does Karana require in a shelter?

What is the first thing Karana needs to do in order to survive? Using specific quotes from text. She needs to find shelter and she needs to consider the wind, distance from Coral Cove, and if it is near a good spring. She also needed to consider the wild dogs.

Why was Karana afraid of weapons?

Though Karana is alone, she still acts like a member of her tribe, and the traditions of her people still affect her. Even though she needs weapons to defend herself from the wild dogs, she is reluctant to make them, because the laws of her tribe forbid it.

What weapons does Karana make?

Karana makes her own spearhead, bow, and arrows.

Why did Karana make weapons in the island of the Blue Dolphins?

Faced with the necessity of hunting and defending herself from the wild dogs, Karana need to make weapons, something that the laws of her tribe forbid women to do. The stories say that weapons made by women will break just when one needs them most.

How does hope work in island of the Blue Dolphins?

Throughout the rest of the novel, hope for the future will sustain Karana and help her overcome many obstacles. Another way Karana changes in these chapters is in her increased control over her emotions. Early in the novel, Karana’s feelings control her, and guide her decisions.

What happens in the first chapter of island of the Blue Dolphins?

On her first devilfish hunt, Karana catches two sea bass but no squid. As she returns, she hears barking and follows the sounds, only to find Rontu fighting with the two dogs who now lead the wild pack. Though Karana could easily interfere with her bow and arrows, she chooses to let Rontu stand up for himself.

Why does Karana want to kill the wild dogs?

As time passes, Karana develops more control over her feelings and begins to use logic, not emotion, to make decisions. Although she still hates the wild dogs and wants to kill them as revenge for Ramo’s death, she now realizes that this is not her most important priority.

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