What did Sir Francis Bond Head?

What did Sir Francis Bond Head?

Retiring as a major (1825), he became a mining supervisor in S America and earned the nickname “Galloping Head” for his rides across the Andes. The author of several popular travel books, he was appointed an assistant Poor Law commissioner in 1834 and then lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada in 1835.

Who was the lieutenant governor of Upper Canada in 1836?

Sir Francis Bond
The Constitutional Act, 1791 (PDF, 5.6 MB) divided the Province of Quebec into the provinces of Upper Canada and Lower Canada as of December 26, 1791….Lieutenant Governors of Upper Canada (1791–1841)

The Right Honourable Charles Poullet Thompson, Baron Sydenham 1839–1841
Sir Francis Bond Head 1836–1838

Who is Canada’s Lieutenant Governor 2020?

Receiver-General of New Brunswick, whereafter the lieutenant governors were recognized as the direct representatives of the monarch….Current lieutenant-governors.

Province Alberta
Name Salma Lakhani
Assumed office August 26, 2020
Appointed by Julie Payette
Appointed on the advice of Justin Trudeau

Who is the first lieutenant Upper Canada?

John Graves Simcoe

John Graves Simcoe
Portrait by George Theodore Berthon
1st Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada
In office 1791–1796
Monarch George III

How many children did Sir Francis Bond have?

HEAD, Sir FRANCIS BOND, soldier, author, and colonial administrator; b. 1 Jan. 1793, at The Hermitage, Higham, Kent, Eng., son of James Roper Mendes Head and Frances Anne Burgess; m. his cousin, Julia Valenza Somerville, in 1816, and they had four children; d. at his home, Duppas Hall, Croydon, Eng., 20 July 1875.

Who was the father of Sir Francis Bond?

Francis’ grandfather Moses married Anna Gabriella Head, the heiress of a Kentish gentry family; his father took the Head name on inheriting Anna’s estates. Francis Head was commissioned a lieutenant in the Royal Engineers upon passing out of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in 1811.

What did Francis Bond Head do for a living?

In 1834, Head was appointed as an assistant Poor Law Commissioner in Kent. While serving in this capacity, he drew up a document called Plan of a Rural Workhouse for 500 Persons, which established separate areas for males and females but mingled sick and well, young and old, sane and insane.

How did Francis Bond Head get his nickname Galloping head?

Descended from the minor gentry, Head served in the Royal Engineers. Retiring as a major (1825), he became a mining supervisor in S America and earned the nickname “Galloping Head” for his rides across the Andes.

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