What do brown bears use for shelter?

What do brown bears use for shelter?

Their dens are usually caves, hollow logs or crevices. From time to time, Brown bears congregate into large groups to feed. The groups have social hierarchy system, based on age and size.

What do grizzly bears use for shelter?

In late fall or winter, the bears find a hillside and dig a hole to serve as their winter den. When inside the den, grizzly bears slow down their heart rate, reduce their temperature and metabolic activity, and live off stored fat reserves.

Do brown bears live in caves?

Brown bears live in parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. Brown bears prefer forested mountains, meadows, or river valleys. Bears may dig their own den or they may hibernate in natural caves.

What is a fun fact about brown bears?

The brown bear can reach a weight of between 330 and 815 pounds depending on the age, sex and season. Despite their weight, bears cover short distances at speeds of up to 31 mph. Brown bears are generally loners who will only seek a mate for short periods. At birth, bear cubs are blind and naked.

Where do brown bears live in the world?

Brown bears live in North America, Asia, and Europe. In North America their appearance and fur color varies depending on facts such as habitat, diet, season, etc.

Are there Brown Bears in the state of Alaska?

The state of Alaska contains 70 percent of the brown bear population in North America according to conservation records. Brown bears are one of the more familiar bears since they are widely distributed compared to other species.

What kind of food does a brown bear eat?

They live in all types of habitats, which includes mountains, forests, grasslands and even deserts. They are omnivorous and eat animals and plants, but most of their diet consists of grass, leaves, berries and nuts. They also eat fish, insects and small mammals as they require a higher protein diet after hibernation.

How big does a brown bear get in the wild?

Females about 5 to 8 feet long. Weight: About 400 to 1200 pounds for males. Females weigh about 300 to 800 pounds. Weight depends on where they live and diet. Bears who eat lots of salmon put on weight quickly. World record brown bear: (see Grizzly Bear). Life span: Can live up to 25 years in the wild. Longer in captivity.

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