What do John Cena fans chant?

What do John Cena fans chant?

John Cena has divided fan opinion over the last decade and more. We have regularly heard the duelling chants of “Let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks”. Wrestling legend Jim Ross recently opened up about his thoughts on the chant.

What is John Cena’s FU?

The “F-U” became the AA, or Attitude Adjustment,” and the STFU became just the STF. Now, STFU was definitely a play on the already well-known STF move, which stands for stepover toehold facelock. While Cena’s AA had to completely change its name, the STF name held and it still made sense.

How long has John Cena been a wrestler?

As an internationally known, and beloved, professional wrestler, not to mention a celebrated comedic actor for several films —especially in recent years — John Cena is certainly a famous guy. Fans have been following the superstar for two decades now, and his star power has only grown in that time. That’s pretty impressive.

What did John Cena do for a job?

As he told Task & Purpose during the promotional rounds for his 2017 film, The Wall, where he played an Army Ranger sniper, there was once a point in time where he was prepared to join the Marines. But then, he found himself in the world of wrestling.

What did John Cena say about Taiwan in F9?

While doing press for “F9” in Taiwan, one of the film’s stars, John Cena, accidentally told the truth: He referred to Taiwan as a nation. And by doing so, he put hundreds of millions of dollars at risk and incurred the wrath of Chinese nationals on that nation’s social media platforms.

Where did John Cena live for five months?

It was there where John Cena created a YouTube original series for the WWE’s channel entitled John Cena in China. That’s not a particularly original name, obviously, but it does the job. He reportedly lived there for roughly five months while filming an upcoming movie with Jackie Chan called Project X-Traction.

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