What do people in France like to do for fun?

What do people in France like to do for fun?

Although the French have recently developed a taste for a new range of sporting activities, such as mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and rock climbing, the most common forms of recreation in France seem to be nonphysical or relatively sedentary—talking, reading, eating, going to the cinema, and so on.

What do people in France do in their spare time?

This question was phrased by the source as follows: “Except reading books, which of the following leisure activities do you do in your free time?”…Penetration rate of leisure activities in France in 2021.

Characteristic Share of respondents
Watch television 78%
Surfing on the internet 72%
Go to social networks 52%

What are some French leisure activities?

Hobbies and “To Make/Do”

English French Noun Use with
jogging le jogging faire de
reading la lecture faire
sailing la voile faire
skiing le ski faire de

What are French people’s favorite things to do in their free time?

Watching television remains the favourite leisure activity of the French, with an average of 3 hours 15 minutes per person per day. There are over 130 French television channels.

What is a typical French family like?

French families are traditionally well-integrated. Some children still stay with their parents until marriage. And it’s not uncommon to see three or four generations living in the same household. Otherwise, family members tend to live reasonably close and meet regularly for Sunday lunch or during festivals.

What do French people do as hobbies?

The most popular hobbies in France include: fencing, skiing, sports car racing and kite surfing. Some hobbies for the more layed back people can include: going to the theater, listening to and/or playing music and dancing.

What are the favorite hobbies of French people?

What are the most popular hobbies in France?

There are some very distinct hobbies that are native to France such as parkour, which is a form of martial arts that originates in France. When visiting France, individuals should make it a point to participate in some of the popular French sports and pastimes. Bookmark the permalink.

What do people in France like to do?

French people enjoy shopping, eating and walking through cities. They also enjoy skiing and visiting beaches. When having fun in their own country, however, people in France tend to visit different shopping areas and eating places than tourists do. French people enjoy shopping, especially at street markets and flea markets.

What kind of sports do people in France do?

Thus, France has a very rich sporting history. Just as there are numerous sports related to the French culture, there also hobbies that many French people enjoy on a regular basis. Some of these hobbies include skiing, fencing, kite surfing and sports car racing.

What are some interesting things to do in Paris?

Here for you is a list of some quirky and unusual activities to do in Paris. Following the steps of… It is an exceptional place to see in Paris. While being located underground the catacombs are not any less interesting. It is the city’s ossuary in which bones from several Parisian cemeteries were transferred at the end of the 18th century.

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