What do you do with necklaces in vv5?

What do you do with necklaces in vv5?

Drop a villager on the necklace, once the Heathen Chief’s woodland is revealed. Once the necklace is completed, drop another villager on it to take it to the Heathen Chief. This is enough to convert the last Heathen and complete Virtual Villager 5 New Believers. So, there you have it.

How do you dismantle totems in Virtual Villagers 5?

In order to assign your villagers to dismantle it, you need to cast the Lightning God Power on the heathens guarding it and they’ll run away. Immediately drop your villagers on the totem to start dismantling it. However, the heathens come back quickly so it may be needed to repeat the same sequence a few more times.

How do you get lightning in Virtual Villagers 5?

Keep gathering relics, converting heathens and having babies until you have 100 Divine Energy points. This unlocks the Lightning spell. Unleash the lightning spell on the totem to chase away the guards. Then instantly drop your adults on the totem to dismantle it.

Where do the villagers go in Virtual Villagers 5?

Once again we return to the beautiful island of Isola to build a village and solve puzzles. However, this time the villagers’ efforts are thwarted by a tribe of heathens who hamper your attempts to gather food and build the village.

Where do you get tech points in Virtual Villagers?

As with previous installments of Virtual Villagers, there are 6 technologies you can research. You can find these in your tech menu. Each technology has 3 levels, which you can “buy” from the tech menu with tech points accumulated by your scientists.

Where are the Totems in Virtual Villagers 5?

The Totems are mostly guarded by orange and red heathens. By pulling these Totems down you’ll instill faith in heathens and be on your way to completing Virtual Villagers 5. The Hungry Totem guards the noni bush and can be destroyed by distracting the guards with bees or children (Puzzle #3).

What kind of food can you get in Virtual Villagers 5?

In Virtual Villagers 5 there are 5 different types of food: Gray mushrooms, Red mushrooms, Crops, Noni fruit and Fish. Having enough food is necessary for building and sustaining a larger population of villagers. Mushrooms can only be gathered by children under the age of 14, so start gathering straight away.

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