What does NBSP mean in real estate?

What does NBSP mean in real estate?

Non-breaking spaces are just what they sound like — spaces where a line break will not occur.

What is   example?

To use a non-breaking space, you would use the following:   For example, if you wanted the words “Mr.” and “Foo” to appear together even if a line break would normally separate the two words, you would use the following: Mr. Foo.

What does NBSP mean in school?

A no-break space is treated as a standard character, so the text will not wrap wherever one is inserted. No-break (or “non-breaking”) spaces are also used to display multiple consecutive spaces on a webpage.

What is NBSP short for?

Updated February 20, 2020. In computer programming, NBSP means: Non-Breaking Space. This is an HTML character you may have seen online. It may appear as ” ” and it tells a web browser to create a space between two words without going to the next line.

Is it good to use &NBSP?

  is a useful way of keeping characters together, but should probably be used just for that purpose.

How do I use NBSP?

Type   where you want to insert an extra space. Add one non-breaking space character for every space you want to add. Unlike pressing the spacebar multiple times in your HTML code, typing   more than once creates as many spaces as there are instances of   .

Is it OK to use &NBSP?

3 Answers.   (it should have a semi-colon on the end) is an entity for a non-breaking space. Use it between two words that should not have a line break inserted between them by word wrapping. There is a good explanation about when this is appropriate grammar on the English StackExchange.

What is the difference between &NBSP and space )? Why &NBSP still use in HTML?

The entity   produces a non-breaking space, which is used when you don’t want an automatic line break at that position. The regular space has the character code 32, while the non-breaking space has the character code 160.

How does NBSP work?

Alternatively called a fixed space or hard space, NBSP (non-breaking space) is used in programming and word processing to create a space in a line that cannot be broken by word wrap. With HTML,   allows you to create multiple spaces that are visible on a web page and not only in the source code.

Is NBSP bad practice?

The trick is to use   in place of the space character, for example: It is bad practice to use repeated non-breaking spaces to indent text. Instead, you are advised to set the indent via style rules.

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