What does the name Taormina mean?

What does the name Taormina mean?

Italian (Sicily): habitational name from Taormina in the region of Messina. Similar surnames: Termini, Traina, Cortina, Torino, Tarzia, Forcina, Mormino, Cagnina.

What is Taormina known for?

Taormina is a beautiful hilltop town that offers plenty of charming spots to take in the Sicilian island vibes, with sweeping Ionian seascapes and Mt. The most notable landmark is the Greek Theatre, with ruins and stage pillars that perfectly frame the blue waters of the Ionian. …

Is Taormina a mountain?

The present town of Taormina occupies the ancient site, on a hill which forms the last projecting point of the mountain ridge that extends along the coast from Cape Pelorus to this point.

How old is Taormina?

Taormina is a melting pot of Sicilian history. 1) In 832 B.C. – Greek settlers founded a town called Naxos below the Mount Tauro. It was the first Greek Colony in Sicily. Later, the population of Naxos would found what we today know as Taormina.

Is Taormina worth visiting?

Taormina—The Gem of Sicily My opinion of Taormina is that it is certainly worth more than a day to fully enjoy all that the area has to offer. It is also possibly the most beautiful place that you will visit in Sicily. Enjoy your stay.

Is Taormina safe?

Taormina is mostly safe, with only the usual strictures about looking out for pick-pockets and not displaying wads of cash or valuables in a flagrant manner.

Is Taormina too touristy?

Re: Just how touristy is Taormina? Not Disneyland, but Taormina is a beautiful mediaeval hill town with a Teatro Greco, lovely garden, alleys to wander and explore, and stunning views of the sea and Mount Etna, but Taormina is a tourist resort town with a high ratio of tourists to locals.

Is Taormina expensive?

How expensive is Taormina: this is the most famous city in Sicily, famous around the world, so beautiful but also so popular, in fact, the most popular destination in Sicily. It all tends to be 15-20% more expensive than anywhere else.

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