What does the Passionate shepherd offer to his beloved?

What does the Passionate shepherd offer to his beloved?

The shepherd gives/promises to give his beloved a painted picture of the utopian world they would share together, “pleasures” that appear to have a sexual nature, many beds of roses, dresses, silver plates, an ivory table, and shepherds to sing for her every morning.

What does the shepherd want his love to do with or for him?

In the poem, the shepherd offers his love many gifts. All he wants in return is for his love to come and live with him.

What does the shepherd offer the nymph?

The shepherd promises the nymph that he will shower her with all his attention, and says he will get others to watch over his sheep so that he can spend his time with her. He also promises that they will enjoy the most breathtaking scenery, which is a common theme in pastoral poetry, such as greenery and flowers.

What does the shepherd promise to give his love What do these promises tell you about the speaker?

The speaker promises his beloved lots of pleasure, especially pleasure that has to do with being out in nature. He will show her all these beautiful, pastoral sights and sounds.

What would The Passionate Shepherd prove if his love would live with him?

The entire poem is an invitation, spoken by the shepherd to his beloved, to “Come live with me and be my Love.” The shepherd promises that if his beloved will come live with him, they will enjoy together “all the pleasures… That hills and valleys, dale and field, And all the craggy mountains” can offer.

What does the Speaker of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love suggest will happen if his love comes to live with him?

The speaker envisions a life of carefree pleasure. He will make his love a cap of flowers, a gown of the finest wool, lined slippers with gold buckles and a straw belt with coral and amber. The couple will watch shepherds dance and sing.

What is the main idea of this passage the shepherd is in love?

The main idea of this poem is romantic love mingled with themes such as man, the natural world, and time. In this poem, a shepherd is presented as speaking to his beloved, evoking “all the pleasures” of the springtime.

Who is the speaker in the poem The Passionate Shepherd to His Love?

The speaker in this poem is an unnamed shepherd who promises to do all kinds of improbable things if only the object of his affections will accept his entreaties.

What does the Shepherd say to his lover?

He at once lives up to his name as he asks his unnamed lover to “Come live with me.” He is hoping that she, upon hearing his request, will leave whatever life she is living behind, and come and “be [his] love” wherever he may be.

Who is the author of the Passionate Shepherd to his love?

‘ The Passionate Shepherd to His Love ’ by Christopher Marlowe describes the life that a shepherd wishes to create for his lover if she agrees to come and live with him. The poem begins with the speaker asking his lover to come and be with him forever.

Is the shepherd ever heard from the woman?

The shepherd makes a number of elaborate promises that are generally improbable and occasionally impossible. The woman’s response is never heard, and she is not present in any way except as the object of the shepherd’s desire.

What was the nymph’s reply to the Shepherd?

Among these responses was Sir Walter Raleigh ‘s “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” (date unknown, but thought to be about 1592), which provides the woman’s response to Marlowe’s shepherd.

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