What does the phrase chalk it up mean?

What does the phrase chalk it up mean?

The Online Slang Dictionary defines chalk up this way: “Surrender and accept the cause as something beyond one’s control or give credit to something beyond one’s control (if positive),” which is a fair translation of how the phrase is used.

What does chalk mean in slang?

Chalky is an adjective version of the slang chalk. It means a person tends to pick all the favorites or their picks are heavily slanted toward the favorites. If a person picks “all chalk,” they pick all of the favorites.

Is it chock it up or chalk it up?

The idiom “chock it up” can be correct in instances where it means to insert wedge-shaped blocks or other objects next to something to prevent it from rolling, dropping, or coming loose; but it is not correct—at least not yet—in place of chalk it up in the idiomatic expression “chalk it up to X.”

What does chalk it off mean?

chalk (something or someone) off To presume, dismiss, or disregard someone or something as being a certain way. I really liked his earlier music, but I’ve chalked him off as a total sellout in recent years. Most people chalked the film off as yet another brainless horror movie.

Is chalk it up a saying?

: to explain (something) by stating its cause : to say that (something) was caused by (something) Chalk it up to bad timing.

Is chalk up informal?

​(informal) to achieve or record a success, points in a game, etc. The team chalked up their tenth win this season.

Why is it called chalk?

Why Do We Call it Chalk? The term chalk originates from the days when horse tracks didn’t have computerized screens or tickers. They had to write odds on chalkboards. Bettors took favorites more often (in that era and today), so those odds got more frequent updates on the board.

What does chalk mean in gambling?

In sports betting, chalk is basically just a significant favorite. A team favored with a significant point spread would be considered chalk. All bets that are chalk are also favorites, but all favorites are not necessarily chalk.

Will chalk it up?

Definition of chalk (something) up to : to explain (something) by stating its cause : to say that (something) was caused by (something) Chalk it up to bad timing. Her early mistakes can be chalked up to inexperience.

What does Chaulk mean?

Chaulknoun. alternative spelling of chalk. Chalknoun. (uncountable) A soft, white, powdery limestone.

What is the meaning of chopped off?

: to remove (something) by cutting She’d had her ponytail chopped off. He took an axe and chopped the low branch off the tree.

What does chalk and cheese mean?

When you say that two people are like ‘chalk and cheese’, you are suggesting that the two are very different from each other; they have nothing in common. The expression, which has the same meaning as ‘apples and oranges’, can be used with things as well. They’re like chalk and cheese.

What does the idiom chalk it up mean?

Chalk up is an idiom which means to give credit to something or to attain something. It comes from the literal act in the 16th century of writing a debt that was owed to a store in chalk. Usually it is found in the phrase chalk it up to.

What does the phrase’chalk it up to experience’mean?

chalk (something) up to experience. To regard a bad situation, action, or outcome as a learning experience rather than dwelling on its negative impact. I know you’re upset about failing your exam, but just chalk it up to experience and try harder next time! See also: chalk, experience, up.

What is another word for chalk up?

Synonyms for chalk up in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for chalk up. 15 synonyms for chalk up: score, win, gain, achieve, accumulate, attain, record, mark, enter, credit, register, log, tally, run up, tally. What are synonyms for chalk up?

What does chalk mean as a verb?

Calk (verb) to copy, as a drawing, by rubbing the back of it with red or black chalk, and then passing a blunt style or needle over the lines, so as to leave a tracing on the paper or other thing against which it is laid or held

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