What does Young Money stand for?

What does Young Money stand for?

Young Money Cash Money Billionaires
YMCMB is an acronym that stands for Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. It is used to refer to the artists represented by Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records, such as Lil Wayne and Drake, and their respective lifestyles.

Is Drake still Young Money?

He’s no longer signed to Young Money and Cash Money. Drake addressed the speculation surrounding his label status; even though he’s still loyal to the empire built by Birdman, Slim Williams and Lil Wayne, he’s officially signed to Universal Music.

Why Nicki Minaj left Young Money?

Lil Wayne kicked Nicki Minaj out of Young Money Since Young Money was still a new rap group, nobody knew how things were going to play out. However, Minaj’s behavior made Wayne believe she may have been hedging her bets. This led to him kicking her out of the group.

Who owns Young Money record?

Young Money is owned by Cash Money Records and Universal Records. Lil Wayne founded Young Money, and began as CEO and President.

Is Lil Wayne Young Money?

Lil Wayne now owns Young Money. Lil Wayne is venturing out on his own after a long, contentious business partnership with Birdman . The rapper revealed in an interview with Billboard that he is now the sole owner of Young Money.

What is a Young Money?

Young money means that the person who acquired it hasn’t had wealth in their family for a long time. Old money means that a family has been wealthy for generations and generations.

Who is Young Money?

Young Money is an American rap group which consist in artists of the record label Young Money Entertainment. The group released their debut album in 2009 titled We Are Young Money. In 2013, they released an album with Cash Money members called Rich Gang under the group by the same name.

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