What equipment is used in Antarctica?

What equipment is used in Antarctica?

SAFETY AND EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT that we carry on the ice

amphibious sleds safe and useful for water crossings (North Pole)
cord reels reels of strong cord used to set up ferries across open water (North Pole)
emergency beacon GPS personal locator beacon
fire blankets for use with each tent stove

What food should you take to Antarctica?

What to Eat in Antarctica?

  • Pemmican. Pemmican is a mix of ground and dried meat featuring a whole lot of fat.
  • Hoosh. Hoosh is a combination of Pemmican, biscuits and melted ice.
  • Sledging Biscuits. These plain biscuits come high in energy.
  • Duck. Among fowl, the most popular in Antarctica is definitely duck.

How do you prepare for Antarctica?

Top 10 tips for visiting Antarctica

  1. Getting the right clothing.
  2. Pack sea sickness medication.
  3. Bring extra batteries, memory cards, and dry bags.
  4. Book your Antarctica adventure early.
  5. Explore Ushuaia before or after your cruise.
  6. Plan an itinerary that suits you.
  7. Don’t forget travel insurance.

What did Douglas Mawson do in the Antarctic Expedition?

After his participation in Shackleton’s expedition, Mawson became the principal instigator of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911–1914). The expedition explored thousands of kilometres of previously unexplored regions, collected geological and botanical samples, and made important scientific observations.

Why was Douglas Mawson a national hero in Australia?

Douglas Mawson is a national hero. He was a remarkable explorer and the expeditions he led helped claim for Australia 42 per cent of Antarctica. He is also famous for one of the most extraordinary feats of endurance in the history of Antarctic exploration. But Mawson was first and foremost a scientist.

Why was Mawson Station in Antarctica named after him?

In recognition of his achievements in Antarctica, Mawson station, established in 1954, was named after him. By leading Australia’s first Antarctic research expedition, Mawson became an internationally acclaimed scientist and explorer.

Where did Douglas Mawson set up his base?

Five men set up a base at Macquarie Island, while the remainder sailed on to the Antarctic continent to establish two bases: the Main Base at Commonwealth Bay led by Mawson, and the Western Base at Queen Mary Land led by Frank Wild.

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