What explanation does Joe give Pip about the ships that are firing their guns?

What explanation does Joe give Pip about the ships that are firing their guns?

What explanation does Joe give Pip about the ships that firing their guns? Joe tells him that convicts have escaped, but Pip doesn’t understand so Joe refers to them as hulks.

What does Joe reveal Pip?

Joe is described as “mild, good-natured, sweet-tempered, easy-going,” and provides a loving and nurturing presence during Pip’s childhood. When Joe reveals to Pip his own difficult childhood, lack of education, and commitment to doing everything he can to make life better for Pip and Mrs.

What does Joe tell Pip when he gets up to leave?

Finally, Joe tells Pip the reason for his visit: Miss Havisham asked Joe to tell Pip that Estella wants to see him. Pip suddenly feels much, much better, and he wishes he had known that this was the reason for Joe’s visit all along. With this message passed along, Joe gets ready to leave.

What does the man who threatens Pip want from him?

This escaped convict questions Pip harshly and demands that Pip bring him food and a file with which he can saw off his leg irons.

What scares Pip when he is crying in the churchyard?

Lesson Summary One day, while crying near his parents’ graves, Pip is frightened when a scary, dirty man jumps out at him. The man asks him several questions to learn who he is and where he lives. The man threatens to hurt Pip if the boy does not bring him food and a file the next day.

Where does the firing come from in Great Expectations?

After criticizing Pip’s inquisitiveness at length, Mrs. Joe finally explains that the firing comes from the Hulks, which are prison-ships filled with criminals and anchored in the marshes.

Why did Pip want to be a blacksmith?

Pip was so determined to become a gentleman that when he became apprenticed to Joe as a blacksmith he felt mortified and looked down upon the job. He didn’t think that Joe was very intellectual, so he tried to teach him how to read and write, so that when he met Miss Havisham he didn’t get embarrassed, but when he met he did get embarrassed.

Why does Pip struggle with his conscience in Great Expectations?

Pip’s struggle with his conscience introduces another aspect of the justice theme as Pip tries to determine whether it is more important to abide by conventional moral code (which prohibits stealing) or to protect oneself from harm. Just as Pip is climbing up to bed, he hears the sound of great guns fired.

Where does Pippen spend most of his time?

He spends some of his time around his dead mother and numerous brothers in the graveyard. As he is an orphan, his elder sister takes care of him with the aid of Joe Gargery, her husband who is a blacksmith.

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