What flavor is suicide?

What flavor is suicide?

Basically, if you’re going for a suicide with more citrus, make a base of Sprite with lemonade, topped with a dark cola. If you’re going more for the sugar-sweet and caramel of a cola, use that as your base, topped with a splash of lemonade and some Sprite for added effervescence.

What do you call a drink with all the sodas?

pop vs. coke debate is bigger than any of us. According to, native Texans (like most native Southerners) call all soft drinks “coke”—a generic use of Coke, as in Coca-Cola, invented in Atlanta.

What is a graveyard soda drink?

Mix sodas together in a small bowl or pitcher. (I like this combination of flavors, but like a Graveyard from your childhood mix and match with your favorite sodas, using the pairing suggestions in the post). Fill a large glass with ice. Pour in about half of soda mixture. Add boozes.

What is a suicide pop?

A ‘suicide’ was a mix of 5 or more sodas. There was also a ‘graveyard’ and others along that theme. If I remember correctly a graveyard was a mix of 3 different sodas.

Why is it called a suicide soda?

In the 1950’s, growing up in Shoreacres, the closest soda fountain was at the corner drugstore in LaPorte. We called it a “shipwreck” when it had all flavors of syrup in it. It was called a suicide soda at the counter at Lang’s Pharmacy on Park Place in the early 1960s.

What sodas can you mix together?

For example, check out these 11 popular combinations from

  • Mezzo Mix – Coke and Fanta Orange.
  • Rasparilla – Barq’s Root Beer and Fanta Raspberry.
  • Cherry Sundae – Sprite Cherry and Sprite Vanilla.
  • The “11-Year-Old” – pretty much everything.
  • All Fanta – Grape, Lime, Raspberry, and and Peach.

What is Coke mixed with Sprite called?

It’s like saying you want a Coke or Pepsi, versus just a cola. While there are four main brands of this soft drink in Germany, most folks just refer to the drink as Spezi. Though, technically, anything other than what’s sold by the original Spezi makers is called “Cola-Mix”.

Why are soft drinks called pop?

By contrast, Coke became the generalized name for the carbonated beverages in the South and Southeast because Coca-Cola originated in the South. The story goes that “pop” got its name from the sound that’s made when you remove the cork from a bottle of…well, pop.

What are good sodas to mix?

Here are some of the best soda mixes you may want to try with the beverages you order from the world’s finest online beverage store:

  • Fruity Canada Dry:
  • Mezzo Mix:
  • Root Beer Float Sans Ice Cream:
  • Cherry Cream:
  • Lemon Spezi:
  • Everyone in the Pool Punch:

What sodas mix well together?

What two sodas taste good together?

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