What genre is Mockingbird by Eminem?

What genre is Mockingbird by Eminem?


What song did Eminem sample for Mockingbird?

Eminem’s ‘Mockingbird’ sample of Traditional Folk’s ‘Hush, Little Baby’ | WhoSampled.

What song does Eminem sing about his daughter?

“Mockingbird” was later included on Eminem’s greatest hits compilation album Curtain Call: The Hits (2005). The song is another that addresses Eminem’s relationship with his daughter Hailie Jade, his adopted daughter Alaina and his relationship with his wife Kim.

Did Eminem make a song with his daughter?

Hailie’s Song (2002) This song is exactly as its title suggests – a track specifically for his daughter Hailie. Eminem has credited Hailie for keeping him stable in life and when she was just seven-years-old, he wrote the emotional Hailie’s Song for her.

Does Eminem speak to his daughter?

Eminem shared a rare insight into his relationship with his daughter Hailie: ‘She’s made me proud for sure’ Eminem talked about his daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers on Mike Tyson’s podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.” He shared a rare insight into how proud he was of her and what she’s up to at the moment.

What’s the meaning of the song Mockingbird by Eminem?

This song mixes an original rap dialogue about Eminem’s failed marriage, as he apologizes to his daughters with a straight melodic version of the traditional “Mockingbird” lullaby called “Hush, Little Baby”. The second verse is about the difficulties including Kim and Eminem’s divorce and the beginning of Eminem’s fame.

Who is the mother of Eminem’s Mockingbird?

Eminem not only wrote “Mockingbird”, but he also co-produced the track alongside Luis Resto. Unfortunately Alaina Mathers’ biological mother, Dawn Scott, was never able to overcome her addiction, as she passed away at the age of 40 apparently due to a drug overdose in 2016.

Is the song Mockingbird based on a true story?

The chorus of “Mockingbird” is based on a traditional American lullaby entitled “Hush Little Baby”. This lullaby dates back at least to the mid-20 th century. Eminem not only wrote “Mockingbird”, but he also co-produced the track alongside Luis Resto.

Who is Lainie in the song Mockingbird by Eminem?

Meanwhile we are introduced to Alaina “Lainie” Mathers (b. 1993) in the first verse. Initially he relates to her as her “uncle” but later as his daughter. This is due to the unique relationship they have in real life. You see, biologically Lainie is actually Eminem’s niece (i.e the daughter of Kim’s twin sister ).

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