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What happened at the end of the girl who could fly?

What happened at the end of the girl who could fly?

Jasper refuses and finally remembers his talent, which is healing. He heals Piper and she remembers herself and how to fly. They instead do not escape but revolt, which seems to succeed.

What happens to Bella in The Girl Who Could Fly?

After that, she dances into the atrium and changes the colors of the fountain and a ficus, then collapsing after being said to have “gone crazy”. When she rejoins the rest of the class at her graduation, she has forgotten about her powers and is sent home.

What is the theme of the girl who could fly?

The theme of literature in my book is to always stand up for what you think is right. Some examples of how Piper learned to never give up that support her are, #1- by her not listening to her mother when she was trying to tell Piper not to fly and #2- never letting anyone pull Piper down with emotion.

Is the girl who could fly a movie?

The Girl Who Could Fly Release Date: When is the film coming out? The Girl Who Could Fly is coming out To Be Announced (TBA).

What age is the girl who could fly for?

The Girl Who Could Fly is recommended as a Squeaky Clean Read for ages 12+! To see more fantastic books reviewed with content in mind, visit us at!

Who wrote The Girl Who Could Fly?

Victoria Forester
The Girl Who Could Fly/Authors

Victoria Forester is the author of The Girl Who Could Fly, a Booklist Editor’s Choice and Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year.

How many pages does the girl who could fly have?

The Girl Who Could Fly/Page count

Who are the main characters in The Girl Who Could Fly?

Piper McCloud

Age 9 (The Girl Who Could Fly) 10-11 (The Boy Who Knew Everything) 12-13 (The Girl Who Fell Out Of The Sky)
Power Flight
Status Alive
Family Betty McCloud (Mother) Joe McCloud (Father) Jane McCloud (Sister)

How many pages are in the girl who could fly?

What is the plot summary of the girl who could fly?

Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “The Girl Who Could Fly” by Victoria Forester. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

Who is Letitia Hellion in the girl who could fly?

The next morning, Piper finds her house surrounded with reporters trying to get the latest scoop on ‘The Girl Who Could Fly’, attracting a scientist named Dr. Letitia Hellion, a stunning agent who works at a school with children who have ‘special’ abilities.

What happens to Piper in the girl who could fly?

Weeks later, Piper is back with the other children—but her legs are broken, she can’t fly, and she has forgotten who she is. Conrad suggests they all try to escape without her, but Jasper refuses. He also remembers his talent: it’s healing. He repairs Piper’s broken legs and mind.

Who is the gossip in the girl who could fly?

But Millie Mae Miller, the town gossip, has spread a rumor that Piper is crazy. She makes, and then almost immediately loses a new friend, Sally Sue Miller. During a conversation with Sally Sue, Piper mentions that she saw Sally Sue’s mother, Millie, kicking the butt of a dog.

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