What happened to RJ Berger?

What happened to RJ Berger?

“Well it’s official. RJ Berger has been cancelled,” creator Seth Grahame-Smith confirmed on Twitter yesterday. “Thanks to the cast and crew for two amazing seasons, and to all the fans.” The series starred Paul Iacono as an awkward but well-endowed student who attempts to win the affections of a beautiful cheerleader.

How did the Hard Times of RJ Berger end?

Season one of MTV’s “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” ended with a dramatic cliffhanger that saw RJ leaving his lifelong crush, Jenny, to lose his virginity to friend Lily in a hospital bed before she flat-lined.

How many seasons are in the Hard Times of RJ Berger?

The Hard Times of RJ Berger/Number of seasons
Now The Hard Times of RJ Berger has been canceled after two seasons, series co-creator Seth Grahame-Smith tweeted earlier today. The series, which Grahame-Smith co-created with David Katzenberg, launched with 2.8 million viewers last year when it aired after the MTV Movie Awards.

Why did Happy Tree Friends Get Cancelled?

The most prominent reason is due to the production of multiple films by Mondo Media, including a film for Happy Tree Friends. The final reason for the hiatus is that no new episodes are being requested by Mondo Media, which was stated by Kenn Navarro in an article on

Who are the parents in the hard times of RJ Berger?

Beth Littleford and Larry Poindexter (recurring season 1, main season 2) as Suzanne and Richard Berger, RJ’s parents. They fail to level with their son and will sometimes embarrass him even when they try to make him feel better. They are also portrayed as sexually adventurous.

Who was Max’s best friend in the hard times of RJ Berger?

In the season finale, just as Max is about to fight RJ for kissing Jenny, Miles tackles him and starts punching him repeatedly in the testicles, giving RJ the chance to leave. When RJ and Jenny begin dating, he dates Robin Pretnar, Jenny’s best friend and head cheerleader.

Why was RJ Berger reluctant to date girls?

He is forced into the limelight when during a basketball game, his shorts fall down and his large penis is exposed. He was originally reluctant to date because his large penis once caused a girl to choke while performing oral sex on him.

How old was Paul Iacono in the hard times of RJ Berger?

It was described as “an irreverent half-hour coming-of-age series” in which unpopular fifteen-year-old RJ Berger becomes infamous when his “anatomical gift” is revealed to his school. Paul Iacono was cast as the title character that May.

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