What happened to the Cherokee after their forced removal to the Indian territory?

What happened to the Cherokee after their forced removal to the Indian territory?

By the end of December, the removal of some 15,000 members of the Cherokee Nation was complete. The forts and camps in Alabama were abandoned and the property was sold at public auction.

What happened as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of the Cherokees?

The Supreme Court agreed with Worcester, ruling 5 to 1 on March 3, 1832, that all the Georgia laws regarding the Cherokee Nation were unconstitutional and thus void. The whole intercourse between the United States and this Nation, is, by our Constitution and laws, vested in the Government of the United States.

How did the Supreme Court rule in the Cherokee case?

(3) Wirt argued before the Supreme Court that the Cherokee Nation was a “Separate Foreign Nation” under the U.S Constitution and therefore, was not to be subjected to the Georgia laws. The Supreme Court heard the case but did not rule based on the merits. Instead, determined that the Cherokee did not possess standing.

What did the Cherokee do to the state of Georgia?

In December of 1828, the State of Georgia passed a set of laws that violated the rights of Cherokee people on their land. The Cherokee petitioners, including John Ross and former attorney general William Wirt, claimed that the Georgia laws “go directly to annihilate the Cherokees as a political society.”

Who was involved in the removal of the Cherokee?

From that point forward, Georgia politicians, including George Troup, George R. Gilmer, and Wilson Lumpkin, increasingly raised the pressure on the federal government to fulfill the Compact of 1802, in which the federal government had agreed to extinguish the Indian land title and remove the Cherokees from the state.

What was the result of the Georgia Supreme Court ruling?

Georgia legislature continues to pass laws that targeted the Cherokee and other tribes. In 1838, in spite of the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Cherokee are forced from their land and relocated west.

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