What happened to the Kabuliwala?

What happened to the Kabuliwala?

iii) What had happened to the Kabuliwala? Answer : The Kabuliwala had been sent to jail for causing grievous injury to a man. He had a customer in the narrator’s colony who denied paying his debt for a shawl. Things got nasty and Rahamat had stabbed the man in the heat of the moment.

What is the main theme of the story Kabuliwala?

Theme. The main theme of this story is filial affection—the deep love that fathers have for their children. In the story we encounter three examples of filial affection—the narrator and his daughter Mini; the Kabuliwala “Rahmat” and his own daughter in Afghanistan; and the Rahmat “Kabuliwala” and Mini.

What is the conflict in the story Kabuliwala?

Conflict: Mini thinks that Cabuliwallah kidnaps children and put inside his bag. 16. Complication: They became close friends and they began talking about to “father in law’s house’ and their friendship worries much the mother of Mini.

Why did the Kabuliwala go to jail?

Kabuliwala was arrested because he stabs a debtor who refuses to pay him for the shawl which he had bought from the Kabuliwala. So he stabbed the debtor. As a punishment, the Kabuliwala was imprisoned. This is the reason for which he was arrested.

Who has written the story Kabuliwala?

Rabindranath Tagore
In 1892, India’s first Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, wrote the iconic short story, Kabuliwala. It was the tale of a man from a distant land – Afghanistan – living in Kolkata, now the capital of West Bengal state.

What does the story Kabuliwala tell you the story about human relationship?

Answers (1) It shows the perfect example of a Human relationship because he ties a mutual affection between Mini, who was a 5year old Girl and There was Rahmat, a Kabuliwala. He practically doesn’t know the person Mini but he sees her as his own Daughter selling Raisins, Nuts, and Apricots without any cost.

What is the name of Kabuliwala in story?

For the uninitiated, Kabuliwala tells the tale of Abdul Rehman Khan (played by Balraj Sahni), a poor goat herder living in Kabul, Afghanistan.

What is in the crumpled paper at the end of the story Kabuliwala?

At the end of “Kabuliwala,” Rahamat shows the narrator a piece of paper with his daughter Parvati’s handprint on it, which he keeps in his breast pocket even during the eight years he spends in prison, speaking to just how deeply he loves his daughter.

Where does the story of Kabuliwala take place?

This story is of a Pashtun merchant from Kabul, who comes to Calcutta now Kolkata, India each year for selling dry-fruits. This dry-fruit seller is known as Kabuliwala as he was from Kabul (Afganistan). While living in India, the Kabuliwala becomes friend with a five-year old girl Mini.

How did the Kabuliwallah end up in jail?

But this year, the Kabuliwallah gets in a scuffle with a man who owes him money and ends up stabbing him. This lands him in jail for the next several years, during which Mini grows up and starts enjoying the company of girls her age. The narrator more or less forgets about the Kabuliwallah.

Why does mini run away from the Kabuliwala?

Hearing Mini yelling about him, the Kabuliwala comes up to the house, but Mini suddenly becomes afraid that the Kabuliwala actually carries children in his bags, so she runs away to another part of the house.

Who is mini in the story Kabuliwala?

The short story “Kabuliwala” by Rabindranath Tagore is the story of an Afghan fruit-seller (called a “kabuliwala” in Hindi) who one day, while in Calcutta, meets a five-year-old Bengali girl named Mini.

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