What happened to Tommy Shaw?

What happened to Tommy Shaw?

Shaw currently leads Styx along with James “JY” Young, the only remaining members from Styx’s heyday (although original bassist Chuck Panozzo appears as a guest musician for most of their concerts). Upon their reformation in 1996, Styx released the live album Return to Paradise.

What band was Tommy Shaw in?

Damn YankeesShaw BladesThe Smoke Ring
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For years, the couple—he grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, and she in Clarksville—had been checking on real estate in the Nashville area, waiting for the right time and place. In 2011, Tommy, the guitarist and singer for Styx, recorded his first solo bluegrass album here and fell in love with the city’s energy.

When did Tommy Shaw leave Styx?

It may have generated a pair of Top Ten hits in “Mr. Roboto” and “Don’t Let It In,” but the supporting tour found the band fraught with tension, culminating in Shaw’s departure at the end of the tour in 1984. Upon leaving Styx, Shaw launched his solo career with the 1984 album Girls with Guns.

Is Tommy Shaw a member of Styx?

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Why does Tommy Shaw hate Dennis DeYoung?

In a 2018 appearance on The Big Interview (Via ABC News Radio), Styx members James Young, Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan noted that their problems with Dennis DeYoung stemmed from the singer’s refusal to tour at a time when the band wasn’t selling albums, and had to rely on live show revenue.

What happened between Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw?

Are the original members of Styx still together?

All those Styx songs were written and sung by the band’s co-founder and former lead singer and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung. Styx still tours today but only includes two band members from their 1975 to 1983 golden era — guitarist-singers Tommy Shaw and James “JY” Young.

Are there any original members in Styx?

Co-founding members James “JY” Young and Chuck Panozzo, along with Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan, exclusively tell us how this album changed Styx forever.

How old was Tommy Shaw when he started singing?

Born on September 11, 1953 in Montgomery, Alabama, Tommy Roland Shaw is the youngest of four children. An early interest in music is developed when his grandfather asks him to sing on the porch in exchange for a nickel. Tommy jokingly refers to this as his first paying gig.

When did Tommy Shaw move back to Montgomery?

Tommy moves back to Montgomery in 1975 where he joins another band with old friends called Harvest. There he continues writing his own songs, like “Crystal Ball,” which is a rock music classic in many parts of America, but especially in the French province of Canada, Quebec.

What did Tommy Shaw do after high school?

His only ambition is to play and be the best at it, which is still something he values today. After high school, Tommy joins a band named M.S. Funk and stays with them for a little over three years. Unfortunately the disco era does not spare M.S. Funk and for lack of money and work the band breaks up.

How did Tommy Shaw get a job with Styx?

That same year, Tommy gets a phone call from STYX. Guitarist John Curelewski has just left the band as they are getting ready to go on tour to support the “Equinox” album. Tommy flies to Chicago, auditions and is hired on the spot. He has no idea at the time that he is going to become one of STYX’s key elements.

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