What happens in the Medusa Plot 39 Clues?

What happens in the Medusa Plot 39 Clues?

The Medusa Plot begins two years after the Cahills worked together when there is a worldwide abduction of seven members of the Cahill family. The same day, three Vesper agents attempt to kidnap Amy and Dan, but the kids’ counterattack keeps them safe.

What comes after the Medusa Plot?

The story picks up two years after the original series The 39 Clues and is about the Cahills’ attempt to save members of their family that have been kidnapped by following the instructions given by Vesper One….The Medusa Plot.

Author Gordon Korman
Preceded by Vespers Rising
Followed by A King’s Ransom

What branch are Amy and Dan Cahill in?

The Madrigal Branch is the last and formerly secret branch of The Cahill Family. Madrigals are generally known as stealthy and secretive. They can be very shy (like Amy and Fiske Cahill) or eccentric and troublemaking (like Grace and Dan).

How is the Medusa Plot different from the other 39 Clues books?

The logo on the cover of The Medusa Plot is red as opposed to the blue logo on the other 39 Clues books. Also, the six Cards ‘ design and inside design are different from the other books’. The book begins when seven Cahills are kidnapped by the Vespers all around the globe.

How are the cards used in the 39 Clues?

The 39 Clues uses collectible cards to expand readers’ experience of the series. In the first series of books, The Clue Hunt, each book came with six game cards. These cards all shared the same code and once added online would unlock the clue in that book. Alongside the first series of books, Card Packs were sold.

Are there any other books in the 39 Clues series?

Scholastic has expanded the 39 Clues universe with several books. In 2010, Scholastic published Agent Handbook, which explores the techniques that the clue hunters in the series use to find clues, and The Black Book of Buried Secrets, which provides more information about events in the series.

Where do the Vespers find the Medusa shield?

In the tunnels, they find DaVinci’s “Medusa” shield, which Caravaggio based his painting on, and the original copy of a book by Marco Polo called “Il Millione” (The Million), which the Vespers were looking for. After an argument with the Rosenblooms which leads to Jake alerting the police, the siblings steal the manuscript and flee.

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