What is a sentence with the word hasn-t?

What is a sentence with the word hasn-t?

Hasn’t he grown! She mailed the letter last week but it still hasn’t arrived. He hasn’t got a car so he rides to work on the bus. He hasn’t broken any bones – he’s just got some cuts and bruises.

Can I use hasn-t?

When have is the auxiliary verb in a sentence we will use its negative form (haven’t/hasn’t) before the past participle of the main verb. Let’s look at the negative form of our other 2 example sentences: “I have been to Mexico but I HAVEN’T been to Australia yet.” “HASN’T anyone seen Karen today?”

What’s meaning of hasn-t?

has not
: has not.

How do you use hasn’t been?

“Hadn’t been” is the correct answer If you were speaking about the situation now, you would use “hasn’t been”. My bicycle hasn’t been ridden for many years. If you were speaking about the situation at a particular time in the past, referring to the entirety of time before that time, you would use “hadn’t been”.

Where do we use haven t?

Haven’t and didn’t are different time-wise, as you have guessed correctly. Haven’t refers to the past up until now. So if you haven’t done something, you haven’t done it for a specific period of time (day, month, ever, etc.) Didn’t refers to a specific point of time that has already passed.

Who haven’t or who hasn-t?

Who is normally considered to be singular, so the verb “hasn’t” is correct.

What type of word is hasn t?

Hasn’t is a contraction – Word Type.

What is the difference between hadnt and hasnt?

The difference between “hasn’t” and “hadn’t” is that “hasn’t” is the simple past and “hadn’t” is the pluperfect/past perfect.

Is it hasn’t been or haven’t been?

Subject and verb must agree in number. “Thunderstorms” is plural, so use “There haven’t been”, which is also plural. If you want to talk about “a thunderstorm”, which is singular, then use the singular “There hasn’t been”.

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