What is Capulet response?

What is Capulet response?

What is Capulet’s response? Capulet says that his daughter, Juliet, is not yet fourteen, but in two years they can marry if she is willing.

How does Lord Capulet respond to her reaction?

Capulet’s reaction is extraordinary. He yells at her, he curses her, he calls her names, and he vows to disown her. And his language is such that we believe him, and so does Juliet.

How does Capulet respond to Romeo being at the party?

How does Lord Capulet react when he learns that Romeo is at his party? He is not upset. He recognizes that Romeo is a polite young man, and he will not permit his nephew to harm the unexpected but very welcomed guest. In the first scene, there is a public brawl (fight).

What did Lord Capulet think of Romeo?

However, Lord Capulet has heard of Romeo as being of a noble and sanguine personality; therefore, he wants no harm to come to him, nor does he want any conflict to disturb the happiness of the night. So, he instructs Tybalt to leave Romeo alone.

Why does Capulet spoil Juliet?

Why is Capulet angry with Juliet? Lord Capulet is incredibly angry with Juliet because Juliet becomes disobedient to him. Lord Capulet proceeds to describe her as an ungrateful disappointment, even a “curse,” and seems most upset by her lack of obedience to him; he refers to her as a “disobedient wretch” (3.5. 166).

How does Lord Capulet treat Juliet?

Throughout the play, Capulet’s relationship with Juliet demonstrates this willful pride and stubbornness. Lord Capulet negotiates her marriage arrangement with Paris. At first he says that his daughter is too young but later consents to the marriage and assumes that Juliet will follow his direction.

How does Tybalt respond to Capulet’s request?

Capulet senses that Romeo is a well-intentioned person and asks Tybalt to ignore Romeo’s presence at the party. Instead, Tybalt answers with anger that he will not patiently tolerate Romeo’s presence at the Capulets’ party. When Lord Capulet insists that he do so, Tybalt answers: “this intrusion shall/Now seeming sweet convert to bitter gall.”

How does Capulet respond to Romeo in Romeo and Juliet?

Capulet’s response is initially peaceful and even generous to Romeo, of whom he remarks: He bears him like a portly gentleman; And, to say truth, Verona brags of him To be a virtuous and well-govern’d youth:

How does Capulet change his mind in lies my consent?

Lies my consent and fair according voice. Later in the play, in Act III, Scene 4, Capulet totally changes his mind. He is swayed by the death of Tybalt and the atmosphere of sorrow which pervades his household. He wrongly believes that Juliet is distraught over her cousin’s death and hopes to plan a “day of joy” to cheer her up.

Why did Lady Capulet refuse to marry Juliet?

We can imagine Lady Capulet felt traumatized by this too-early marriage and has learned to cope by shutting off much of her emotional life. She refuses to take Juliet’s part, not because she disagrees with Juliet but because she is emotionally unable to access that empathy and plead with her husband for more time.

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