What is runoff What are the factors affecting runoff?

What is runoff What are the factors affecting runoff?

 Runoff depends on the intensity of rainfall.  More the rainfall, more will be runoff.  If the rainfall intensity is very less and it rains as light showers then much of the water will be lost in infiltration & evaporation resulting less runoff.  If precipitation is in case of snow then less runoff.

What 3 problems can runoff cause?

Uncontrolled stormwater runoff has many cumulative impacts on humans and the environment including:

  • Flooding – Damage to public and private property.
  • Eroded Streambanks – Sediment clogs waterways, fills lakes, reservoirs, kills fish and aquatic animals.
  • Widened Stream Channels – Loss of valuable property.

How can we prevent oil runoff?

Besides handling and discarding your motor oil and other automotive fluids responsibly, cutting back on or eliminating fertilizers and pesticides from your lawn or garden will also reduce your negative impact. Also, don’t over-water your lawn, as that can create extra run-off as well.

How does runoff contribute to water pollution?

Runoff is precipitation that did not get (infiltrated) absorbed into the soil, or did not evaporate, and therefore, made its way from the ground surface into places that water collect. Runoff causes erosion, and also carry chemicals and substances on the ground surface along to the rivers where the water ends up. It can cause water pollution too.

How does land use affect run-off?

Certain kinds of land use can change the hydrology of the Watershed, altering the way water and pollutants move through the drainage basin. For example, as an area of land is converted from open space (e.g., woodland) to residential, the amount of runoff for that area of land will increase as the amount of impervious surface increases.

What are the human impacts on surface runoff?

In urban areas, surface runoff is the primary cause of urban flooding, known for its repetitive and costly impact on communities. Adverse impacts span loss of life, property damage, contamination of water supplies, loss of crops, and social dislocation and temporary homelessness.

What are facts about runoff?

Runoff, run-off or RUNOFF may refer to: RUNOFF, the first computer text-formatting program Runoff or run-off, another name for bleed, printing that lies beyond the edges to which a printed sheet is trimmed Runoff or run-off, a stock market term Runoff curve number, an empirical parameter used in hydrology

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