What is synonym of loath?

What is synonym of loath?

Some common synonyms of loath are averse, disinclined, hesitant, and reluctant.

What is the best synonym for loathed?

synonyms for loathe

  • abhor.
  • despise.
  • detest.
  • hate.
  • abominate.
  • decline.
  • refuse.
  • spurn.

What is a synonym and antonym for loathe?

abhor, abominate, despise, detest, dislike, hate, nauseate, scorn, shun. Antonyms: admire, approve, covet, crave, desire, enjoy, esteem, esteem, like, love, relish.

What word is worse than loathe?

If you abhor something, it gives you a feeling of complete hatred. Abhor is from Latin abhorrere — “to shrink back in horror.” It is the strongest way in English to express hatred, even stronger than loathe.

What does loathing someone mean?

transitive verb. : to dislike greatly and often with disgust or intolerance : detest. Other Words from loathe Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym Loath vs.

What are different ways to say I hate you?

100 Ways to Say ‘I Hate You’

  • “You’re a disappointment to me.”
  • “I don’t care if you live or die.”
  • “I used to care about you. Now?
  • “How do you think I feel? I’m pissed off!”
  • “Go. Just go.”
  • “If you come back, I won’t be here.”
  • “I’ve never despised someone as much as I despise you.”
  • “Ha! You think I care about you?

What is opposite of hate you?

Phrase. Opposite of expression of hatred, or intense disdain or dislike directed at someone. I love you.

What is a obnoxious person called?

booger. noun. Americaninformal an annoying person.

What does the word ‘loath’ really mean?

verb (used with object), loathed, loath·ing. to feel disgust or intense aversion for; abhor: I loathe people who spread malicious gossip.

What does the name loath mean?

Loath (adj) filled with disgust or aversion; averse; unwilling; reluctant; as, loath to part. Etymology: [OE. looth, loth, AS. l hostile, odious; akin to OS. l, G. leid, Icel. leir, Sw. led, G. leiden to suffer, OHG. ldan to suffer, go, cf. AS. lan to go, Goth. leipan, and E. lead to guide.]

What is the definition of loath?

Definition of loath : unwilling to do something contrary to one’s ways of thinking : reluctant She was loath to admit her mistakes. : not wanting or willing to do something : not willing He was loath to admit mistakes.

What is the antonym for ‘loathe’?

loath, loth, reluctant(adj) unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom. “a reluctant smile”; “loath to admit a mistake”. Antonyms: inclined(p), willing. Synonyms: loth(p), indisposed(p), loath(p), averse(p), loth, antipathetic, antipathetical, reluctant.

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