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What is the ancient Greek word for judge?

What is the ancient Greek word for judge?

The Greek word krino meant separate, judge or decide, and from it came the nouns krites “judge” – from which we get critic, and kriterion, a test to judge by. The Day of Judgement is hemera kriseos, in the Greek New Testament – truly a crisis for those at risk of damnation.

What is Judgement Hebrew?

The word “judge” – KRINOS means “to separate, to make a distinction between, to exercise judgement upon, to estimate, to assume a censorial power over, to call to account, to judge judiciously, to bring to trial, to be brought to account, to administer government over”

What is the Greek word for condemn?

condemnation (also: catcall, disapprobation, disapproval, dispraise) επίκριση {f} condemnation (also: animadversion, censure, blame, disapprobation) καταδίκη {f} condemnation (also: damnation, doom, conviction)

What is the meaning of shaphat?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Shaphat is: Judge.

What does Krima mean in Greek?

κρίμα • (kríma) Indicates pity or shame.

What does the word judge mean in Matthew 7?

The term translated as judge, krino, also implies condemnation not just judging. In this verse Jesus warns that one who condemns others will themselves be condemned. The rest of the Bible, including the very next verse, make clear that all manner of judgment is not being condemned.

What is Judgement in Heaven?

God’s judgement is a process that ends in a decision about whether a person is worthy of his reward (Heaven) or not (Hell). Some Christians believe that God judges each soul as soon as a person’s body dies.

What does Judgement of God mean?

In Catholic doctrine, divine judgment (Latin judicium divinum), as an imminent act of God, denotes the action of God’s retributive justice by which the destiny of rational creatures is decided according to their merits and demerits.

What does Katakrima mean in Greek?

Strong’s definition of katakrima (the greek word translated as ‘condemnation’ in Romans 8:1) is ‘penalty; punishment following condemnation, penal servitude,’; and Strong gives the word origin as katakrino defined as ‘to give judgment against; I condemn, judge worthy of punishment’ Oct 25, 2018 · Second, Moulton and …

What does the word condemnation mean in Hebrew?

One of the Devil’s biggest weapons in his bag of dirty tricks is condemnation. To condemn means “to pronounce to be guilty, to sentence to punishment, or to pass judgment against.” Satan is …

What does King mean in Hebrew?

Melech (מלך) is a Hebrew word that means king, and may refer to: Melech (name), a given name of Hebrew origin. the title of “king” in ancient Semitic culture, see Malik.

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