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What is the area between your chest called?

What is the area between your chest called?

The sternum or breastbone is a long flat bone located in the central part of the chest. It connects to the ribs via cartilage and forms the front of the rib cage, thus helping to protect the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels from injury….

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What is the Apothorax?

– The Apothorax is the space between the ribs and the diaphragm. – This region contains several vital organs. It is supported by the back of the ribcage, the sternum, and the spine. – The thorax is the chest region of an organism. – Apothorax includes the most important organs in the human body, the heart, and lungs.

What is the submental area?

The submental space is located below the chin and is bound above by the skin and the chin (mentalis) muscles, laterally by the anterior bellies of the digastric muscles, deeply by the mylohyoid muscle, and superiorly by the deep cervical fascia, the platysma muscle, the superficial fascia, and the skin.

What is considered your chest?

The chest is the part of the body between your neck and your abdomen. It includes the ribs and breastbone. Inside your chest are several organs, including the heart, lungs, and esophagus. The pleura, a large thin sheet of tissue, lines the inside of the chest cavity.

What organ is in between your rib cage?

It lies just below the lungs, under the top of the diaphragm to which it is attached. The diaphragm is the muscle beneath the lungs which regulates our breathing. The liver is partly protected by the rib cage.

What is Upperthorex?

The upper thorax is connected to the diaphragm, a muscle, and the chest cavity, the rib cage. It is characterized by the number of lumps, or lobes, in the middle part of the chest. The upper thorax is like a mirror. It shows the well-known picture of the chest, but the upper thorax is its most prominent feature.

What is the place under your chin called?

submental space
The submental space is a fascial space of the head and neck (sometimes also termed fascial spaces or tissue spaces). It is a potential space located between the mylohyoid muscle superiorly, the platysma muscle inferiorly, under the chin in the midline.

What is the muscle under the chin called?

The mentalis muscle is a paired muscle located at the tip of the chin. It acts as the primary muscle of the lower lip. The mentalis originates from the mandible (lower jaw) and runs vertically from below the lower lip to the lower part of the chin.

Why would a sternum hurt?

The most common cause of sternum pain is a condition called costochondritis. This occurs when the cartilage that connects your ribs to your sternum becomes inflamed. Symptoms of costochondritis include: sharp pains or aches on the side of your sternum area.

What are the bones on your chest called?

The sternum, or breastbone, is a flat bone at the front center of the chest. The ribs and sternum make up what is called the ‘ribcage.’ The ribcage protects the lungs, blood vessels, and heart, along with parts of the spleen, stomach, and kidneys from traumatic injury.

Is the sternum at the front of the chest?

Medically reviewed by Healthline’s Medical Network on March 20, 2015. The sternum, or breastbone, is a flat bone at the front center of the chest.

Which is part of the body separates the head from the torso?

The neck is the part of the body that separates the head from the torso. The Latin-derived term cervical means “of the neck.”.

Is the quadrangular area on the side of the neck?

Overview. The quadrangular area is on the side of the neck and is bounded superiorly by the lower border of the body of the mandible and the mastoid process, inferiorly by the clavicle, anteriorly by a midline in front of the neck, and posteriorly by the trapezius muscle.

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