What is the best antonym for the word irrational?

What is the best antonym for the word irrational?

antonyms for irrational

  • well.
  • balanced.
  • stable.
  • reflective.
  • wise.
  • logical.
  • sane.
  • rational.

Is irrational a synonyms or antonyms?

In this page you can discover 67 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for irrational, like: unbounded, unwise, stupid, specious, foolish, surreal, untenable, senseless, alogical, asinine and crazy.

What is the opposite to irrational?

What is the opposite of irrational?

logical rational
wary perceptive
canny intelligent
justified commonsensical
heedful guarded

What is this word irrational?

: not rational: such as. a(1) : lacking usual or normal mental clarity or coherence. (2) : not endowed with reason or understanding. b : not governed by or according to reason irrational fears.

What is the synonym of restive?

Some common synonyms of restive are balky, contrary, perverse, and wayward.

What is the synonym of contend?

compete, challenge, vie, contest. strive, struggle, tussle, grapple, wrestle, scuffle, squabble, skirmish, battle, combat, fight, war, wage war, join battle, cross swords, lock horns, go head to head. oppose, clash.

Is 1 3 an irrational numbers?

13 is a rational number, being a number of the form pq where p and q are integers and q≠0 .

How do you use the word irrational?

1) It’s totally irrational, but I’m frightened of mice. 2) The rational and the irrational complement each other. Individually, they are far less powerful. 3) She was prey to irrational fears.

What is the base word of irrational?

irrational (adj.) late 15c., “not endowed with reason” (of beasts, etc.), from Latin irrationalis/inrationalis “without reason, not rational,” from assimilated form of in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + rationalis “of or belonging to reason, reasonable” (see rational (adj.)).

What is the best synonym for erroneously?

Synonyms & Antonyms of erroneously

  • improperly,
  • inaccurately,
  • inappropriately,
  • inaptly,
  • incorrectly,
  • mistakenly,
  • unsuitably,
  • wrongly.

What is an antonym for irrational?

irrational number, irrational(adj) a real number that cannot be expressed as a rational number. Antonyms: lucid, rational, intelligent, thinking(a), sane, demythologized, reasonable, demythologised, reasoning(a), logical, coherent.

What is another word for irrationally?

Synonyms for irrational. fallacious, illegitimate, illogical, inconsequent, inconsequential, invalid, nonrational, unreasonable,

What is an irrational expression?

A rational algebraic expression (or rational expression) is an algebraic expression that can be written as a quotient of polynomials, such as x 2 + 4x + 4. An irrational algebraic expression is one that is not rational, such as √x + 4.

What is the definition of an irrational number?

Definition of irrational number. : a number that can be expressed as an infinite decimal with no set of consecutive digits repeating itself indefinitely and that cannot be expressed as the quotient of two integers.

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