What is the best team in soul silver?

What is the best team in soul silver?

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  • For SoulSilver: Meganium – Starter.
  • Ampharos. Ability: Static.
  • Entei – Legendary, but can be obtained early in the game. Ability – Pressure.
  • Gyarados – Red Gyarados.
  • Lugia – Legendary, but you’re gonna catch it anyway, right?
  • Snorlax – Does well against powerful Psychic teams.

What is the best starter Pokémon in soul silver?

What Starter Should I Choose For Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver?

  • Chikorita. Chikorita is a single Grass type Pokemon.
  • Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is one of the best choices to make for a starter in HG/SS.
  • Totodile. Totodile is probably the best choices to start with in Pokemon HG/SS.

What HMs do you need for soul silver?

1 Answer. The HMs needed to complete HeartGold until Lance are Cut (to get through Ilex Forest), Surf (to reach Cianwood and Kanto), Waterfall (to reach Kanto), Strength (to get through Ice Path), and Whirlpool (to receive the Rising Badge in Dragon’s Den).

What is the best johto team?

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal

  • Moveset – Elite Four:
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying)
  • Espeon (Psychic)
  • Sudowoodo (Rock)
  • Quagsire (Water/Ground)
  • Ampharos (Electric) – Gold and Silver.
  • Lanturn (Water/Electric) – Crystal.
  • Ability – Blaze.

Do you need HMs for MT Silver?

Silver is off-limits to all but the most skilled of Trainers. After the player has received all sixteen badges of Johto and Kanto, Professor Oak will give the player permission to travel here. The route to the area is rough, though no HMs are explicitly required to reach the Pokémon Center just outside the entrance.

What is a good in-game team for HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver on this thread! Your team should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free. Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.

Which is the best team for Pokemon SoulSilver?

Chikorita/Bayleef and Meganium are crap. And Totodile/Crocanaw and Feraligator are a good choice also but there are many other good water types in the game. Gengar- Gengar is an excellent pokemon. Haunter is still powerful if you can’t trade him/her. Gengar can learn moves to cover all of his weaknesses and has mad Sp.

What should I choose for Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul silver?

Pokemon heart gold and soul silver are classic remakes of the original games. With a touch of improved graphics, features and an updated Pokedex. In Pokemon HG & SS you get to choose between Totodile, Cyndaquil and Chikorita.

Which is the best team for Pokemon HeartGold?

Best team for Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver: Typhlosion: Cyndaquil is the starter and the fire-type pokemon. It can evolve into Quilava at level 14 then into Typhlosion at level 36.

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