What is the conflict in footnote to youth?

What is the conflict in footnote to youth?

Internal conflict confronts the leading character. Internal character in a way that he was struggling if he can managed himself to have a family because he knows that he is in the legal age that he can be independent and can definitely choose the right from wrong.

What is the main idea of the story footnote to youth?

The main themes in “Footnote to Youth” are the ignorance of youth, the phases of life, and fear and inaction. The ignorance of youth: The story portrays youth as a time of ignorance and inevitable rash decisions, as well as romanticism and “dreamful sweetness.”

What is the critical analysis of footnote to youth?

The story symbolizes youth as overzealous and emotional. It is an age of rash decisions and unstoppable desires. On the other hand, marriage and middle age are symbolized with responsibilities, anxiety and regrets.

How does the story resolve footnote to youth?

What is the resolution of the story footnote to youth by Jose Garcia Villa? Resolution: Dodong just look at Blas with resentment. He was hopeless. Youth must triumph, love must triumph, and later on life.

Who is the main character of footnote to youth?

Dodong. Dodong is the main protagonist of “Footnote to Youth.” He lives in an unspecified rural area in the Philippines with his mother and father. An able-bodied and hardworking teenager, he spends his days plowing the fields with a carabao.

Who is the main character in the story entitled Footnote to Youth?

Dudong. He is the mal lead of the story. He is young and confident. He feels independent enough to marry the love of his life at the tender age of 17 years.

Why is the book footnote to youth called that?

Footnote to youth is the title of the story. It is said that it is a footnote to youth because it is abrief reminder for the Filipinos especially the youth of what a real life could be today. It also indicatesthe sources or the causes why youth act this way.

Why was Dodong afraid in footnote to youth?

The rising action of the story of Footnote to Youth is that when Dodong was afraid to go to hishome because he wanted to get out of it without clear reason at all. He felt afraid that it seems tocaged him and also of Teang because Teang was giving birth in the house.

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