What is the Japanese name for Otter?

What is the Japanese name for Otter?

Kawauso, meaning “river otter” in Japanese, can refer to: Otters (see Otter#Japanese folklore)

How do you say Otter in different languages?

In other languages otter

  • American English: otter /ˈɒtər/
  • Arabic: ثَعْلَبُ الْـمَاءِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lontra.
  • Chinese: 水獭
  • Croatian: vidra.
  • Czech: vydra.
  • Danish: odder.
  • Dutch: otter.

Is Japanese river otter alive?

Photo by: Catherine Trigg. Japan’s Ministry of the Environment today declared the Japanese river otter (Lutra lutra whiteleyi) extinct. Last seen in 1979 in the city of Susaki on the island of Shikoku, the unique subspecies was killed-off by overhunting and loss of habitat due to development.

Who is Chiijohn?

In the episode John Oliver explained how the mascot came to be, and praised its strange and humorous videos as “amazing”, “a work of art”, and “virtuosic”. Oliver then created and sent his own mascot, “Chiijohn”, “a 41-year-old nearsighted English fairy baby”, to Susaki in order to befriend Shinjo-kun.

Does Otter work in French?

Otter currently only supports English (U.S. and U.K.) and regional accents. Otter automatically localizes the spelling according to the region setting on the device you use to record or import the audio.

Why does Japan have so many mascots?

Popularity. The popularity of mascots like yuru-chara in Japan has been linked to historical emotional bonds to non-human characters, such as in ancient polytheism. Since then, the number of yuru-chara increased throughout the country.

Is Otter AI any good?

Final Rating on Quality: 4 Out of 5 Stars Otter’s transcribing service has a basic core, but the intelligent real-time transcription feature is very well-done, and extra options like editing, sharing, and highlighting give you everything you could need when saving a conversation.

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